Azerbaijan has repeated last year's flood: flooded over 1000 homes

In the territory of Azerbaijan Beylagan from overflow Chickens flooded over 1,000 houses and kitchen gardens, as well as major roads. It is reported by Azerbaijani news agency ""

The district Emergency Commission news agency reported that according to preliminary estimates flooded about 15 hectares land. At the same time, with 4 hectares to harvest this year is not possible. Brigade of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan and local management of irrigation systems are trying to pump out flood water in the channels. To date, the flood released from the captivity of about 200 homes.

Recall that during the spring floods in 2010 in Azerbaijan was flooded 100 hectares of agricultural land, resulting in the injury of 20 000 farms. The Azerbaijani government has allocated $ 375 million for flood relief, but the funds have been distributed unfairly or simply stolen. Experts believe that such large-scale flooding was caused by theft of funds from the Government of Azerbaijan for land reclamation and shore protection.


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