Azerbaijan will start issuing biometric passports


22.11.12.Po preliminary data, biometric passports in the country will be available next year, but it is unclear what will happen with the old, the validity of which has not expired.

As you know, next year Azerbaijan plans to issue biometric passports. And as previously reported, in 2013, the Schengen zone will no longer issue their visas to persons who do not have biometric passports. After the decree "On Exit, Entry and Passports" prescribed by the introduction of international experience "One person + one passport" and simplification of rules and accelerating the issuance of biometric passports. Since the entry into force of the new law (1 June 2013), citizens will be able to obtain a passport within 10 days of application.

However, after the adoption of the new law by the Parliament of Azerbaijan Republic citizens brought a wealth of questions regarding the issuance of new passports. One of them — "How to be with passports that were issued after 2004 for 10 years?". Then the appropriate structures reported that the passport by the time of issuing biometric still be valid, the citizens should not be changed. They will work until the end of the specified period or for them to change the name and patronymic of the citizen, and to the loss of passport, disabling, or to identify incorrect information in the passport or in an electronic medium.

This raises the question, what would be the case if the EU is adamant in its demands for the bringing citizens biometric passports with microchips in the summer of 2013. Therefore, those who plan to travel to the Schengen area, you just need to get a new biometric passport. That is the old passport will be off limits in Azerbaijan, but to drive with him in the 27 countries of the Schengen area will be impossible.

Among the remaining challenges — issuing passports to persons under the age of 18. In the event for the citizens of the country with the children the order of inscribing names and pasting pictures of minors in the parents' passports will be canceled. Passports will be given now to children from 1 year to 18 years. Passports for children under one year of age will be issued for a period of 12 months up to 3 years — 36 months to 18 years — for 5 years, for adults — for 10 years. That is, young citizen of the country, if he travels abroad regularly, will have to update his passport four to 18 years of age.

"If the countries of the Schengen agreements establish clear boundaries in the provision of visas for citizens who have biometric passports, appropriate policies will be carried out rigidly enough — said the expert on migration issues Allahveranov Azar — I think in this case, this may create problems for citizens of Azerbaijan that will have hands on the old passport, expiry date which has not expired. It is important for the citizens to decide the issue. Despite the fact that the shelf life has not expired passports, they should have every right to replace it with a fingerprint in order to have access to the territory of the Schengen countries. But it is worth noting that the number of those not so great. I mean those who have an outstanding old passports and migrate towards the EU. Many of these people have a one year visa. And the part that does not have the visa will have to get a biometric passport. But this is the worst option. I think that the negotiation processes that go between Azerbaijan and the EU, and provide a discussion of these matters. I hope that the countries of the Schengen agreement, after the issuing of visas will launch based on biometric passports will consider the matter. So I think that will be a certain period of transition. "

We also recall that in the summer were unveiled new models of civil, service and diplomatic passports of the Republic of Azerbaijan, approved by the Decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic on July 17, 2012. According to the disclosure of these documents, as approved by the above-mentioned decree of the President, civil, service and diplomatic passports of the Republic of Azerbaijan meet the standards applied to the document read by special devices provided Document 9303 of the International Civil Aviation Organization. Dimensions of new passports are 88 x 125 mm, documents consist of the 4 face and 50 inside pages. According to the type of passport, passport covers Azerbaijan can be of the following colors: regular passport — dark green, service passport — dark blue, a diplomatic passport — dark red.

The main innovation of the Azerbaijani new passports is that from now on they are biometric. Now, in many countries where there is control of electronic passports, special corridors, all that is moving much faster. Appropriate sign, indicating the presence of the electronic media, on the cover of the passport, as well as over a photograph of the owner within the document. Passports will have a special inscription, it reads the corresponding apparatus, consisting of two lines. While in the second row from the 29th character will contain a unique identification code of the citizen of Azerbaijan. On the 50th page of the passport also contains a special bar code corresponding to the number of the passport. Biometric passport looks different from the old passport chips special logo engraved on the cover, for the recognition of electronic passport. The first page of the biometric passport is thicker than usual. It marked the setting data of the owner and his photograph. Within the first page of the biometric passport is an electronic chip that contains a digital photo and the data that is entered in the passport.

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