"Now there is intensification of mud volcanoes along Agjabedi and Saatli directions."

This was told Day.Az Academy Department of Earth Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, the executive secretary of the National Committee of Geology of Azerbaijan, head of the department of petrology and metallogeny of the Institute of Geology Arif Ismayylzade.

According to him, most recently in Azerbaijan frequent earthquakes, and it is quite possible that these tremors triggered activation of mud volcanoes.

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"In addition, I note that some communities in Azerbaijan are nearby mud volcanoes. Before you build something, you need to explore the area and make sure that it does not pose any threat. Even happened that provoked awakening drillers mud volcano. Sometimes contribute to development pressure of volcanic activity.

Several years ago, when drilling wells in the Caspian Sea drillers came across pockets of the volcano. The result has been thrown out the drill rig.

Today, the population density of the country is growing, and developers to build houses, despite the dangerous neighborhood with a volcano "- A.Ismailzade said, stressing that the construction of houses or offshore sure to explore the deep roots of the mud volcanoes of geophysical methods.

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Head of the Institute of Geology of mud volcanoes of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Adil Aliyev also said construction of houses next to the mud volcanoes undesirable.

In the case of explosive volcanic eruptions, he said, could be affected towns. The fact is that when the eruption can cause cracks, sometimes reaching a length of 2 km.

"Near the village there is a mud volcano Binagadi" Teyrekiv ", around which are built homes. When will violent eruption can cause cracks. Last time the volcano erupted in 2002. Eruption could happen this year or next year. In Shamakhi district next to the mud volcanoes also built homes. Fortunately, they are not dangerous to human settlements. Construction of residential buildings should be carried out within a radius of 1-1.5 km from the mud volcanoes ", — concluded the doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences.