Bad weather in the central regions of the U.S. caused tornadoes and floods

Stormy weather has fallen over the past two days in areas of the U.S. Midwest. Heavy rains, accompanied by gusty winds speed up to 100 kilometers per hour, caused flooding in most parts of Ohio.


Came out a few of the banks of the rivers, which led to the flooding of roads and residential areas. Ohio residents fear a repeat of three years ago when flooded vast areas of the state.


Meteorologists say conditions such developments remain, since the reports of flooding come from all 88 districts in the state. It is possible that local residents will face new trials — during the day can rise to the level of the Ohio River, with the result that can be flooded dozens of villages.


Warning about the threat of floods announced on Monday and most of the neighboring state — Indiana.


Storm front that brought rain and winds to the Midwest, was the cause of tornadoes in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Scientists have recorded there are at least three tornado. Human casualties reported in Tennessee, where confirmed the death of two men — one was killed in a traffic accident, the second body was recovered from the wreckage of houses destroyed by a fallen tree. In addition, U.S. media reported the death of another resident of the state. According to the authorities of the region, account affected are the dozens.


Regions, which have been a tornado severely damaged. Destroyed dozens of homes, destroyed cars, uproot trees. Several areas were left without power.


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