Baku hides terrible earthquake

Azeri opposition press publishes scandalous details of the consequences of a major earthquake on May 7 in the west.

It turns out that damaged more than 3,000 homes, and thousands of people were left without a roof over their heads, while the authorities by hiding the true extent of the disaster, there were reported damaged houses and 18 injured citizens. In fact, there is even dead, which is not reported. Also unaccounted for six completely destroyed villages — no one knows what's going on. According to local media, among the affected citizens, and not waiting for help, the dissenters. In some villages, people sleep on the streets because of a lack of tents. Outraged indifference of the authorities, the residents blocked the road to the airport and Zagatala were violently dispersed by police. "The government does not help us anything other than the issuance of several tents. As it turns out, that Azerbaijan is rich, and we are hungry, homeless, and not wanted?" — Say the victims. Village head Chobankel Shabanov confirmed in an interview with the newspaper "Yeni Musavat", which by 1874 only 27 residents were given tents, each of which sleep 20 people, and the rest — in the street. " The newspaper said that a neighboring village came to President Ilham Aliyev, but the police did not let go of any journalists or locals — to your questions and complaints not upset the president.


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