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CLOT hot plasma "behaving" mystery, which gives rise

Olga from Moscow Ponizova Friazino never in the newspapers did not address: the modest lady thought unremarkable. A change of heart after the third time in his life "faced" with a fireball. The first two "meeting" the woman wrote down to chance, but after this winter to her bedroom flew into a ball of fire and mayhem perpetrated in the room, she realized: this is no accident. "I have a disturbing sense that lightning will be back — suggests Ponizova. — Perhaps, the scientists explain that she want from me? "

Olga worked all her life as a lathe operator at the plant, has received the sixth rank and a lot of letters for valor. Is now retired but continues to work and take care of garden land — she vegetable garden, chickens and a goat. Bored and think of "fairy tale", as she admits lack of time, and not in her nature. "I have another problem — the plain truth in your eyes I cut — says the interlocutor. — Neighbors and girlfriends with me for so often offended. "

The first time Olga faced with ball lightning as a child. She was 13 years old. Then she lived with her parents in the Urals, was working on the farm, herding cows. It was August, towards evening, the weather was clear and cloudless. Olga was sitting on a log and read a book from time to time looking at the sponsored cows that graze lazily. She has zasobiralas drive them home when she noticed the air still a bright spot: it is flashed, then disappeared. Suddenly the spot began to move toward her, so much so quickly that the girl only had time to close the palms face. The ball flew swiftly by, scalded with hot air. Five minutes if he was teasing her and scared cows, performing aerial jumps. Cows began to rush the field and drawn-moo. And then the girl was angry bully on the air, grabbed the stick and went to him, saying: "Go, go, where you came from!" Ball though departed, and Olga ran after him stick. There was a loud crack, and the eyes of a frightened girl stick broke and burned like a match.

It took 20 years, Olga lived with her husband and two children in Tashkent, about the children's adventure has already started to forget. But one day, went to rest with his family out of town, and while walking along the shore of the lake called her 12-year-old son, "Mom, look what a ball in the air!" She looked around and saw a bright hovered over the water, like an orange, a ball around 15 inches in diameter, and children, husband and friends looked at him spellbound. Suddenly he began to turn around in the air, "as if the chosen target," suggests Olga. "I felt horrified, even though by nature are not timid — she recalls. — A chill went trembling. Cried the children to lay on the ground, and she stood there and waited with confidence that "it" came back for me. " Hunches are not deceived the woman, the ball moved toward her, circled several times around the head, burned his ear, and then sped away in the woods. No sooner had she come to life as felt intense heat from the back. He ran a husband, pulled off her burning jacket, the shoulders began to shake. "I was stunned, and a long time to get over it — says Ponizova. — Only three days later began to calm down. Burn scar on the left ear of a lifetime. "

The third time a fireball — Olga at that time knew that the strange phenomenon called that way — to visit her this winter. Weather that day was again a clear, frosty.

— I was in the garden, greenhouses repaired when she appeared in the air and hovered, as if something eyed — says pensioner. — At first I was confused, but quickly pulled herself together. Looked at her and thought: what do you want from me? And she began to sway to vibrate in the air, as if preparing to pounce. I said loudly, "I'm not afraid you — in fact my knees buckling — what you want to do, and am not afraid." Spin the ball around the greenhouses, and then rushed into the house. Olga ran after him, shouting over the fence neighbor Maria Lvovna Oshanina to call the fire department if there is a fire.

— I heard the sound of glass and ran to the bedroom — says Ponizova. — I saw that the broken mirror on the floor — photos her husband and children, curtain on the window is lit. I tore off her and began to stomp, and at that moment I saw a hole in the window, as if done by the drill. Through this opening, and she was gone. Probably revenge for the fact that I then drove her stick, wants me dead. That broke the mirror …

On this hole and then came to see many — neighbors, foreman Sergei Plotnikov from the city building trust, a local policeman Victor Trynin, came from Moscow Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism of Sciences Nikolai Gubasov, a geophysicist and ufologist Anna Shchipkovskiy. It was clear: make a hole in the glass for a fraction of a second can not we know any devices and mechanisms. To do so would require a temperature of about three thousand degrees!

Body with such energy, is capable of many things: for example, to burn alive a person or a small house, boil the water in the barrel, to uproot a tree, make a hole in the metal. So our interlocutor, we can say is lucky. But "for what purpose" following her uninvited guest, she did not understand.


— Fireball — one of the most exciting mysteries of modern science, — the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University, deputy director of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics, Academy of Natural Sciences Vadim SPERANSKY. — Over its natural scientists scratching their heads for a long time. It is known only that it — plasmoid with a ball-shaped and glow. The rest — solid puzzle. Thunderball and its "relative" poltergeist often behave as if "reasonable": opting for a "talk" the same people who come to them in a kind of contact, "revenge", "spare" or "fun." People who have become the object of attention fireballs often show: fiery guest pursue some goal, trying to influence their psyche. Victims often experience stiffness and anxiety, and long after the accident can not recover from feelings of depression, nightmares, severe headache. Not to mention the injuries and property damage.

Recently, more confident sound hypothesis fireball — a product of the prevailing quantum vacuum around us, tayaschego a huge energy potential. That's where it is likely a fantastic energy that it possesses. Following Einstein and Paul Dirac, we come closer to the conclusion that the vacuum — this is not a void, he is also a huge "memory bank" of information, the semantic space of the universe. At the heart of our life processes are energy-and fireball and poltergeists — one of their manifestations. People seem to be drawn to similar phenomena appear to have enhanced sensory abilities, on a subconscious level are able to capture this kind of phenomenon. They occur more often than usual flashes of intuition, insight. There is certainly reason to believe that ball lightning can almost "think", as claimed by some ufologists and researchers of anomalous phenomena. Most likely, one or another of their "behavior" we subconsciously ask themselves. Many adults experience fear when confronted with these phenomena, like our ancestors, who are deathly afraid of storms or wind, while children often manage to "make friends" with "bright bulb" or "Barabashka", talking with them and even entering " in conversation. " Of course, there is not complete without a game of the imagination, but it's still better than the depression and fear.

Leskov Natalia

Work number 103 of 04.06.2004


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