Banana bloomed in December


23.12.2010.V Aktobe was a miracle. In one of the local restaurants of winter suddenly flowered banana!

First, the tree has grown by almost five meters in just six months, and now the blooms. And at the restaurant where caught banana, even a symbolic name — "Winter Garden." It sure — this is the first case in which the Kazakhstan steppes fruits tropical plant. Under natural conditions, bananas grow to five or six meters, and only start to bear fruit in three to four years. But this is a unique tree, brought from India, has surprised everyone. The plant itself felt even better than at home, in a totally unusual conditions. But by the summer of employees "Winter Garden" hope eat fruit.

Svetlana Stepankevich, gardener

"Or say abnormally hot summer. Or is it here so well-liked. Did not expect this, even the people who brought us the banana. They were here and did not expect to give a banana. "

Kazahstan.7 channel

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