Bangkok goes under the water: dam breached

In the center of the Thai capital began flooding the streets after the water has broken through the dam on Sunday in several places on the east bank of the Chaopraya.
In particular, destroyed part of a hydraulic barrier in the channel primordial Khanong, so that was flooded one of the main streets of Bangkok — Sukhumvit. Saharan flooded two major streets — Charoen Krung and Songvad. Water level reached 50 centimeters. Another breakthrough occurred dam upstream Chaopraya. Water quickly flooded street Sams around 21 and 23 lanes.
Authorities are trying to patch up the hole and pump out the water. Bangkok Governor Suhumbhand Paribat encouraged the Centre for flood prevention to urgently build a dam on the additional channel Rangsit Road just north of the city, to prevent flooding of streets Viphavadi. According to him, if you do not, the situation gets out of control.
In a worst case scenario, Bangkok could be flooded completely. The tide runs until November 6. Currently seven flooded areas in the West Bank Chaopraya, under water north of Bangkok, including operating domestic flights airport Don Mueang, flooded suburbs to the east, north and west of the capital. In some places, the water level in the streets up to 2 meters.
The death toll from heavy flooding in 50 years in Thailand exceeded 380 people. As ITAR-TASS news agency in the Department of Disaster Prevention kingdom, officially confirmed the death of 381 people. Two others are reported missing. At the moment, remain flooded 26 of Thailand's 76 provinces.

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