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What to do if your child has exhibited unusual ability
Marina Brovkina, Rostov-on-Don
Date of publication 28 May 2004

If your child suddenly has learned to be anchored to the substrate itself or Firestarter school diary, resigned to fate — she appointed him a psychic. Word of mouth will spread the news of the unusual features of your son with the speed of light. But do not panic — it is simply a magician. Or, as they say, extraordinary child.

Eclair for water

Telephone "hot line" for contactees and witnesses difficult to explain phenomena works round the clock. It is here advised to call people in the know, if you are bitten barabashka and favorite child claims that the night feeds cakes water in the bathroom.

I immediately decided to take the bull by the horns and dialed:

— The city has more persistently rumored that the school is about to appear for children with psychic powers.

— Let's open from day to day. Already have first set — confidently replied to me on the other end.

And here I am in the basement of the old house in the society of the largest magicians in southern Russia. The walls are plastered with posters, lying on the table with a stack of ads terse text: "Razzombiruyu. Cheaply." The master Basil — the most important magician — red spade beard, and on his chest a large medal yellow.

— I am in contact with Nostradamus — he says — recently by interdimensional channel received his call sign. He warned me that all the children who were born after 1999, have special abilities. This is the fifth race, they have to open the third eye brow. I have, incidentally, is also a.

Carefully peered into the interlocutor. No ophthalmologic abnormalities on his face quickly. But it seems that Nostradamus to rendezvous with Vasya catch with a still and Bacchus.

— So that you see what — I scatty!

Correspondent was nothing to do but to make round eyes. It convinces Basil in my loyalty. Meanwhile, confirmation of the prophecies of Nostradamus about a new generation not long in coming. Recently, to psychics influx of parents pleading to save their children from unusual abilities. "Lock our child — they repeat — we were tortured to resolve conflicts with neighbors and teachers."

In ordinary life, extraordinary ability deliver a lot of trouble, but sometimes trouble. These kids made a real show in the classroom. Classmates and teachers to demonstrate all that capable. Holding the metal spoons on the forehead is not the most prominent example. Witnesses claim that, being angry at the teacher, the child was able to singe his hair or eyes away overturn flower pots. Breaking the lesson he was not worth it. And having taken offense to the parents, and they can punish her father and mother. For example, arranging in-house flood.

— The reason chudotvorchestva children — energy axis that passes exactly through our city — say psychics — seventh chakra special development in young Rostovites and thinned in this age of the membrane between the Light and the gloomy world …

Robert Durin as a personal magnet

Robert-known personality in the city. It sticks to it fully with iron, cooking utensils especially for some reason. He is the first candidate in the school of wizards, so consider adult psychics. In the apartment where Robert lives, laughter, scuffling, dog barking. Six-year prospective magician tries to ride the pet dog — an Afghan hound Chingiz. Leaving the rest of the animal and plenty naprygalis on my grandmother's couch, he finally brings four spoons from the kitchen and puts them to his chest. Hold on. Not inferior to the boy and Alla G., grandmother of our hero. To her stick is not the spoon that — irons!

— Once watched program on television, there is one figure anchored to the glands themselves. Something pushed me — put the iron to his chest, and he fell.

With an iron in the neck and she went into the room where the daughter and his grandson. Daughter of surprise and could only say: "Grandma, well, you're great!" That's Alla G. realized that she had a family unique. A grandson and soon began to hang spoons and other items to the forehead. Alla G. argues that the boy's mother does not have such powers, but she's grandson — to the fullest.

Robert seems a bit tired of his gift. Taking off her necklace of spoons, he again started fussing with his shaggy friend.

Water and fire — an instrument of justice

— One day a woman came up to me, it became clear that she was disheveled feelings — says the red-bearded psychic Basil — her son, Sergei, to prevent communication with the applicant on the mother's hand and heart, eyes began to burn things. Basically suffered unfortunate ladies underwear.

It is a sad fact was revealed at the most inopportune moments. The boy did not want to live with his stepfather and found this a way out — methodically dares all my mother's suitors at a distance resulting in complete disrepair her underwear. Since then, a few years. Sergei grew up, learned to control his powers and emotions. But his mother is married and has not left. (By the way, others believe that in special cases, a measure of psychic abilities of children may make an ordinary trouser belt.)

Sergey has followers — is another candidate to the school of magicians, ten Kate M. It predicts the future, begins to see the past and moving objects look. Kate lives in a small own home. Frail as a reed, the girl looked at me seriously, pulls pigtails. Their her thirty seven. Antennas — so she calls her hair. The first time her unusual ability to detect when a couple of years ago, my parents decided to divorce.

After another quarrel with the ceiling suddenly forth water. "No neighbors above, attic dry as powder, — thinking adults — and the water is still flowing." The cause was never found. Having tried all the ways, my mother turned to psychics. They talked about something with a little girl, and the flood has stopped! Silenced and parents. Kate flatly denied any involvement in the mystery of water. However, if Mom and Dad again talking to each other in a raised voice, she pointedly looks at a large reddish stain on the ceiling.

Spoons Katja be anchored easily, but the glass does not move left. After twenty minutes of its efforts utensils remained immovable. Rested look into the glass together. And the only thought that a glass cylinder vibrated slightly and drifted off somewhere, the girl sighed, hitrenkie narrowed her eyes and said:

-You karma is wrong, and today I did not succeed.

But Katie's got to guess who they were her guests in a past life. Cranking out their pigtails points, it announced the press photographer:

-You used to live in Japan, and was a woman.

— Accidentally geisha? — Has decided to clarify the mustachioed photographer.

— Name can not name. And you were the rectifier old fishing hooks — she told me.


-You felt sorry for the fish, because it hurts to be caught on the hooks.

Finally Kate asks me to be under a lilac bush that blooms in the yard. A sharp gust of wind, and I find myself from head to toe sprinkled with tiny purple flowers.

Katya with a laugh escapes into the house.

Virtual peers

Andrew P. lives with his parents in a small town in a workers' hostel. His father and mother often abuse alcohol. One day my father, finding money for vodka, for no apparent reason asked his son:

— Come on, Andrei, do Batka little drunk. They say that some can.

The head of the family then moved away from such a long time treats, say neighbors. His head ached as if a bucket of drinking moonshine. Since then, seven year old boy a queue wanting to experience the abilities of the young psychic. It is not the mistress of a nearby stall intervened and threatened to complain to the police.

I see in the hands of Andrew compass.

— I'm going to fly, — says the boy — and a compass to know the coordinates. We once lived a man who could be dispersed so that later flew.

With the crowd of children, we are going to grass-covered hills. Mukhina beam — as they are called here. We have workshops on levitation. Perched on a hill, the guys run up and screeched to rush down. None of them does not fly, only some bounce above the rest. Nabegaet to exhaustion, we sit with Andrew and the company at the top of the hill. It seems that if you focus, gain strength and go for a run just once more — just fly.

Here they are — the first candidates to the school of wizards and magicians. However, none of them are reluctant to engage in optional in another school is not expressed.


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