Bear attacked a camp in the mountains of Alaska School

MOSCOW, July 25 — RIA Novosti.Grizzly bear attacked a camp school in Alaska, suffered four young people, said on Monday, Reuters reports with reference to the police state of Alaska.

The incident occurred on Sunday night in the Talkeetna Mountains east of Denali National Park. Seven young people receiving a course of survival in extreme conditions, mastered the technique of crossing the river, when the camp was attacked by a bear.

Two 17-year-old boy, Joshua Berg (Joshua Berg) and Samuel Gottsegen (Samuel Gottsegen), directed the actions of the group, trying to draw the attention of the predator to itself, while the rest of the camp have intensified the distress beacon. To help young people on Sunday morning arrived detachment Air Force in Alaska.

Berg and Gottsegen seriously injured in a collision with a bear. Two other people also were injured. All the victims were hospitalized. Later, one of them was released from the hospital.

The bear attacked the camp, when the training program came to an end — the young people had to spend at least a week at the camp.

Walking route for 30 days is part of the National Open School leaders.

As the director of the school leaders Don Ford (Don Ford), may bear guarding her cubs. According to him, the camp did not see the bear, but they heard a rustling in the bushes.

Seven young people were part of a large group. The expedition leader was terminated and all participants returned to the headquarters of the school in Alaska.

"We have forty years working in Alaska, and over the years we have not had a single attack," — said Don Ford.

National Open School leaders, based in Wyoming, is a nonprofit educational organization that organizes expeditions and training courses worldwide.

A week ago, on 18 July, the message about the bear who attacked the tourist arrived in Chukotka. Brown bear granted a visit to the tourist, resting in his tent near Anadyr. Arrived on the scene, police officers shot and killed an aggressive predator of issue weapons.

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