Before the earthquake in Japan was, it appears, a sign. But no one knew

Something warmed the atmosphere a few hours before the earthquake nightmare

Before directly above the epicenter of the cataclysm soared temperature

Warning over

The catastrophic earthquake in Japan, which did not come for March 11, 2011, could have predicted. As it now appears, was preceded by strange phenomena in the atmosphere.

A week before the terrible blow right above the epicenter of high-altitude hot air was sharp — spot. The maximum temperature was recorded a few hours before the earthquake. Greatly increased and the concentration of electrons in the ionosphere. Its maximum value was reached three days before the disaster. Such observations reported Dimitar Uzunov (Dimitar Ouzounov) — Researchers from NASA (NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland)


Satellite data: a few days before the cataclysm of the temperature rise was the epicenter of the future

Scientists believe: anomalies like Japanese, can be detected. And they, in turn, indicates the imminent earthquake. That is, can serve as harbingers of impending disaster.


The epicenter was located in the ocean

If we believe Uzumovu, the data obtained in the past year with one of the satellites, also testified about the strange atmosphere heated before the earthquake in Haiti.

Indisputable explanation anomalies not. But according to one hypothesis, the processes in the depths of influence on the atmosphere and ionosphere. Specifically what stands out the radioactive gas radon. They ionize the air, promotes intensive condensation of water vapor. And it is accompanied by heat, which also considerably from satellites.

According to another hypothesis, it is not radon, but just in a kind of ionizing radiation, which comes from the womb before the earthquake.

Suspicion falls again on HAARP

Of course, some hot heads, learning about the heating of the atmosphere and ionosphere before the Japanese earthquake, are accused of Americans. Like, heating is not a result of tectonic processes, and the reason for that might provoke them. After the mysterious and notorious installation HAARP, built without the involvement of the Pentagon in Alaska just intended to affect the ionosphere. It is capable of heating. Americans may not be specifically "hit" in Japan — just performed some experiments. And is not exactly what they wanted …

By the way, if the processes are reflected in the depths of the ionosphere, as we scientists explain, why the ionosphere can affect the bowels?


For seismic shock followed tsunami

Serious researchers rejected and reject the idea that any man-made effects can trigger earthquakes. Would otherwise have to blame the Americans for all the surprises of the Earth recently.

As it turns out, a Russian scientist, Sergey Pulinets, once worked in IZMIRAN (Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, Russian Academy of Sciences) recorded an increased concentration of free electrons in the ionosphere in 2001, before the devastating earthquake in the Indian state Gurdzhat in 2003 in Mexico. And according Uzumuva, the phenomenon was accompanied by a jump of temperature — about 4 degrees.

Built chain — Gurdzhat, Mexico, Haiti, Japan — with very similar "symptoms". It is encouraging: it may be found that the most reliable harbinger of which have so long dreamed seismologists.
Scholars themselves cautious delight. Like, enough statistics. It is not clear yet whether accompanying atmospheric anomalies all the earthquakes? Or just very strong — like the Japanese?
Well, if still "seismic prophets" will be engaged in the predictions just devastating blows of nature. They recently increased. Japanese, for example, can be prevented in three days. This is the first time. And the second — for a few hours. And so believe it or not — it's up to them.

Japanese earthquake March 11, 2011 off the east coast of the island of Honshu. Magnitude reached 9.1 points. This is one of the strongest earthquakes in the history of seismic observations. The epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean, 70 kilometers from the coast and 373 kilometers northeast of Tokyo.
Hypocenter of the most devastating shock at the depth of 32 km below sea level.

The earthquake shifted the axis of the planet by 25 centimeters and shifted Japan by nearly 3 meters in the direction of North America.
According to some reports the Pacific plate, which is coming to Japan, moved as much as 40 meters.


Stronger than in the 2011 earthquake in Japan was


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