Began joint exercises, South Korean and U.S. military

Now began a yearly large-scale joint military exercises in South Korea and United States of America. The maneuvers, which are participating in the 200 thousand South Korean and two thousand and with a small U.S. military will continue until April 30.

The teachings include the Air Force maneuvers under the title "Eaglet" and maneuvers of the land and naval forces of 2-states, which are referred to as "key decision". In the process of working out exercises planned implementation issues and cooperation between divisions Air Force, Army and Navy states.

DPRK already responded to the bad acts of the U.S. and South Korea. Pyongyang accepts these teachings such as mute declaration of war, and managing Kim Jong-eun arrived at a military base situated on the border with South Korea, and gave the order to deliver a massive retaliatory strike in case of violation during military exercises borders DPRK.

Last week, the armed forces (SC) South Korea conducted military maneuvers, accompanied by firing exercises near the disputed border with North Korea. Exercise was held near the island of Yeonpyeong in the area of which is disputed boundary line between South Korea and the DPRK. Soon after, the official said Seoul to Pyongyang to start the exercise, representatives of the Armed Forces DPRK announced maneuvers "premeditated military provocation" and have warned that in the event of an attack on North Korea, Pyongyang would use force.

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