Began the final municipal tests submarine Severodvinsk

Until the end of this year, the Russian Navy will be taken multipurpose nuclear submarine K-329 "Severodvinsk" Project 855 "Ash". As they say, "Izvestia", the construction of nuclear submarines cost the treasury in the amount of more than 70 billion rubles.

In the Main Command of the Navy to "News" said that "on October 30, the submarine left the shipyard plant "Sevmash" in Severodvinsk and went to the Barents Sea to the municipal tests, during which all the nodes will be tested and mechanisms of the boat, and the launch of cruise missiles "Movement". If all cost without fail, the tests will end on November 25. "

According to the source, "Izvestia", "the final standings will dive to the depth limit near the plant after the shooting. This is the main test for at least some of the submarine, because it specifically in deep water more indicative of the work of all on-board systems, the state housing the reactor. "

How to write the "News" quoted a source, "Severodvinsk" such tests are second year. Last year, sea trials cruiser spent at sea about 120 days. Then revealed about 2 thousand flaws. "

To address shortcomings of systems and devices required about year.

According to a source, "Izvestia", "after the end of the test for another two or three weeks, the boat will be repaired at the plant in Severodvinsk, and later held a festive ceremony of taking the Premier League battle fleet. According to the plans of command boat crew will begin military training in 2013. "

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