Beginning of the end of Russian Alaska. April 17 — 188 years since the signing of the day or the Convention on the delimitation of Russian possessions in North America

The history of the South American continent in almost everything we like the modern internationalist development gallakticheskogo place. Own contribution to the conquest of America brought all the empires of the world: North America was the new girl and the United Kingdom, France and Bimbo, Bimbo and Spain.

Through the efforts of Russian sailors and researchers in the XVIII century, when there was no newcomer Our homeland, then, at least, Russian America, uniting Alaska, the Aleutian Islands and a number of territories in northern California.

First Russian outpost in America was based negociant and a traveler GI Shelikhov in 1784 And in 1799, founded the first Russian city in America, New Archangel, then renamed to Sitka, serving as the administrative center of the Russian America.

July 8, 1799, according to the decree of Emperor Paul I, with a view to the forthcoming development of Russian America was ucherezhdeno trade association under the name of the Russian-American company. The company's activities have given a powerful impetus to the formation not only of Russian America, and the development of the Russian Far East. The company has organized 25 nautical expeditions, during which the region has been conducted serious research. Company intensively developed the fur trade also contributed to the organization of the new Russian land farming. In short, Russia is revealed enormous capacity for the forthcoming development of the region and has already had a trivial contribution.

But from the beginning of the XIX century. activities of complicated conflicts with the British and South American businessmen who, moreover, armed natives to fight against the Russian colonists, the ultimate goal which set the elimination of Russian settlements in America. The situation of Russian Yankees had a tendency to lifting weights and 188 years ago, April 17, 1824 in St. Petersburg, was signed by the Russian-American Convention establishes the Russian border trades and settlements.

Specifically, this event marked the beginning of putting Russia's position on the Pacific coast of North America. The Convention defines the boundaries of the creation of the Russian settlements: Russia pledged not to settle south of 54 ° 40 'N — Russian settlers were allocated unsuitable for the conduct of this northern farming areas. With all of this voyage along the Pacific coast of North America was declared open for vessels of both countries for a period of 10 years. In addition, ships 2-states had the right to freely enter the harbor, bays and coves, where they could carry on fisheries and to trade with the local population.

Feature of Russian foreign policy of the Empire in the XIX century, it was the desire to maintain friendly relations with the United States, specifically those associated with all those numerous concessions that went Russian control in the following years. The friendly attitude of the Russian Federation remained usilileniya against American expansion to the north Pacific, the purpose of which was completely driven away Russia.

Russia's position in the international arena became very weak after the country's defeat in the Crimean War (1853-1856 gg.). In addition to significant impoverishment of the treasury and geopolitical losses recognized in the Black Sea and in Europe, our home, the victim is so serious defeat, was not able to provide protection vsepolnotsennuyu overseas territories.

In an effort to enlist the support of the U.S. and avoid the aggravation of the contradictions coming from the English empire in the Pacific and bankruptcy founded the Russian-American Company, Russian government was forced to give way to the interests of the South American relative of Alaska and adjacent areas. March 30, 1867 in Washington, was signed by the Russian-south american contract implementation Alaska and adjacent islands to the United States of America. The dispute about the need for the deal goes to the Russian society to this day. From the perspective of today's geopolitical realities, the presence of the Russian Federation in Alaska would have a huge impact on the world politics, namely, almost all would determine the balance of power in Cool war and possibly, would have a material impact on its finale. But do not forget that in the middle of the XIX century Our home, the victim of heavy defeats and the epoch-making begins internal reforms, did not have sufficient real, military and human resources for the development of the U.S. territories.

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