Beijing shrouded in a third consecutive day with thick fog



Beijing, Feb. 23 / Xinhua / — On February 21 Beijing began to wrap a thick fog, which to date have not yet cleared. Thick fog was a major cause significant deterioration of air.


According to the municipal government for the protection of the environment, the other day light wind and heavy fog prevents the dispersion of pollutants in the air. February 21 air in the Chinese capital was assessed as "seriously polluted". February 22 in the northern and western parts of the city registered a similar degree of air pollution, and the average visibility in the city dropped to 1 km.


According to weather forecasts, due to the influx of cold air front fog clears in the capital tonight. On February 24, the city is expected to wind with two or three points, which will contribute to the full dissipation of fog.


It is learned that in January this year in the Chinese capital was recorded 31 days with a "blue sky". As of February 22, the number of days with "blue sky" in Beijing this year was 45.


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