Being with Fukushima has become a deadly unsafe

Level radiation in the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima, Japan remains the highest, but a bit smaller than the other day. At the moment rescuers connected to the first and the second power electronic cables. They will restart the system condensing. Work is expected to finish by Saturday. In turn fire on Friday once again flooded the reactors and storage of spent nuclear fuel with seawater.

In ordinary time on the train ride up to the station in Fukushima, but not now. 130 km to the plant, and the train does not go further. Empty chairs in a big train. On the other side windows also deserted. Level radiation area exceeded 5 and in places of seven. On the road — no cars.

People are becoming a little more than halfway from the Tokyo before Fukushima, because there the next atomic object. Nuclear station "Tokai" — 140 kilometers from Tokyo. Its reactors were automatically muted when the earthquake happened. It does not produce energy.

In reports about the "Tokai" — only rather short line: "All right." But traces of the tsunami and earthquake and there are clearly visible. Authorities they say that everything is in order, but in the construction of the station on the ground — a tremendous hole.

Salvage "Fukushima" is now once again trying to cool the reactors. The words — "The situation is not exacerbated after day" — were heard by the authorities as if it had broken. But in the afternoon on the second block has a snow-white smoke was rising.

139 firefighters from Tokyo through breaks in the structure filled with water most problematic third power unit, but that perenagrevayutsya and the second and fourth. The risk of massive emissions are still very large, and the deadly level Radiation near the station does not allow conduct full-scale operation.

"We are well aware of the need to provide a complete disk imaging on the situation at the plant — as residents of the country of the rising sun, and the entire international community — and we do everything in our power," — said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Land of the Rising Sun Takeaki Matsumoto.

Yukia Amano Tokyo urged citizens to be more open to the world. But in Fukushima, head of the IAEA will not go, explaining that the lack of time. Maybe he open a discussion with the authorities so called "Chernobyl Plan" solving the problem — fill the reactors with sand and cover with concrete sarcophagus or supply boats with remote-controlled from Germany, to which Japan has already asked for help.

The road is blocked for 100 km from Fukushima, though authorities say that the exclusion zone — 30 km. At the place where the background radiation is exceeded, but the authorities, nevertheless, allow people to be, any place to refuel — no less than a kilometer.

The inhabitants of the villages, even without using a car, have to stand in queues. Do not work without fuel generators, heat their homes. In the evening the temperature is still below zero.

Residents of the country of the rising sun go nowhere — a very small country, has been criticized Arata Yamaoka. His family at your own risk decided to stay in Tokyo. "Nothing is unclear, and it is the main problem, although I have gathered a suitcase" — says Arata Yamaoka.

Yamaoka now wonders what to do after the increase in the level of threat to the 5th of 7, after all, judging by the description of the dry (a significant release of radiation and the threat of the population), the tragedy at the nuclear power plant, in the end, recognized disaster.

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