Belarus has killed 40,000 chickens


20.11.12.V Monday around 23.00 in the shop of the house in the village Bagritsovschina Dzerzhinsky district on fire killed about 40,000 broiler day-old chicks.

At the time of fire alarm went off. Poultry workers — the duty electrician and two attendant — rushed to the building of the house, but could not go inside because of heavy smoke. Rescuers arrived at the scene, only 40 minutes were able to completely eliminate the fire.

Electric poisoned by carbon monoxide. Fortunately, his health is not in danger.

Flames damaged equipment, running on gas. What was the cause of the fire — is not clear. Under investigation. Appointed a number of examinations. The extent of damage is established.

This is not the first case of mass death of birds in the agricultural complex. In September of this year at the same agribusiness, resulting in shutdown of the ventilation system in the house, killed about 70 thousand chickens.

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