Between Eastern and Western Georgia interrupted by road

Between Eastern and Western Georgia interrupted by road

Heavy rains in the area of the pass Rikotskogo June 18 caused mud flows and landslides. As a result of vehicular traffic between eastern and western Georgia was temporarily stopped.

Vehicular traffic in the direction of the pass Rikotskogo suspended approximately 19.00. On the bypass road was a large traffic jam.

In the area of Surami flooded ground floors of houses, "Novosti-Georgia."

A week flood, hurricane, storm leave different regions of Georgia. As reported by the "Caucasian Knot", June 17, as a result of heavy rains and a problem in the main facility Grmagelskogo water company Tbilisi Georgian Water and Power. Part of the city remained without drinking water.

June 15 in torrential rain flooded the streets of the port city of Poti, the first floors and basements. June 14 at West Georgia had risen due to heavy rain the river Ochhomuri damaged roads and bridges in the grounds Chhorotskuyskom area. In Terdzholskom district killed domestic animals, agricultural land severely damaged.

June 13 at East Georgia due to heavy rain in the region of Kvemo Kartli Tetritskaro destroyed the bridge connecting the village Golteti Ardisubani and flooded homes and crops of local residents affected about 40 families. In addition, in the village of Ardisubani landslide that blocked the road, dividing the village in two.

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