Bingiza prepares to assault Madagascar


12.02.11.V mid outgoing week in the southwest Indian Ocean tropical depression formed. Wind speed near the center does not exceed 30 knots, or 15 meters per second.

February 10th tropical depression reached the stage of a tropical storm and was named "Bingiza." Wind speed near the center was 17-20 meters per second.

But today in the 6:00 GMT, the tropical storm "Bingiza" has become a strong tropical storm. Central pressure decreased by 7 mb and is 986 mb. Wind speed has increased to 25, with gusts up to 28 meters per second.

"Bingiza" moving to the south-west at a speed of 7 knots, approaching Madagascar. On the east coast of the state are heavy rains, accompanied by strong winds.

In the next day the wind speed near the center "Bingizy" will reach 35 knots, will be a tropical cyclone, coming to Madagascar, with all the ensuing consequences.


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