Biography of Alexander Milinkevich

Company (July 25, 1947, Grodno)

Great-grandson and great-grandson of the repressed rebel Kalinowski. The grandson of an activist of the Belarusian movement 20s. Belarusian. Orthodox. He graduated from the Grodno school number 1 with a gold medal (1965), and with honors from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Grodno Pedagogical Institute named after Yanka Kupala (1969). He worked as a teacher (1969). Belorussian champion in basketball in 1969.

He graduated from the graduate school of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR in "Physical Electronics in including Quantum "(1972) and worked as a research assistant at the same institution (1972-76). defended his thesis" Mechanisms of generation of heavy-duty laser pulses "(1976). Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, professor.

Engineer and Senior Lecturer Grodno Pedagogical Institute (1976-78). Associate Professor of the Grodno State University (1978-2000). He was sent to Algeria, where he worked as head of the Department of Physics at the University of Setif (1980-84).

Author and host of TV shows on the history of the Grodno region (1986-1993). Organizer restoration of one of the oldest in Europe, Clock Tower — Town Hall clock in Grodno.

He was elected deputy chairman of the Grodno City Executive Committee, where he focused on education, culture, religion, health, media, international relations, sports, youth and the protection of historical heritage (1990-96). He descended to the authorities during the preparation of the referendum unconstitutional.

Trained in the institutions of the European Union on the operation and expansion of the EU, Poland on local government, state-building, economic reform and human rights, the University of California (USA) and the University of Montpellier (France). Took a course at senior management level in the European Center for Security Studies. George Marshall (Germany), studied modern methods of education in the UK and experience in the development of sport in Canada.

President of basketball club "Grodno-93" Champion of Belarus (1996).

Chairman of the Grodno oblast Public Association "Town Hall" (1996-2003), liquidated by the authorities. Chairman of the Belarusian Association of Resource Centers (1999-2005). The initiator of the association "Regional Belarus" and the head of the election headquarters of presidential candidate The Republic of Belarus Seeds Domash (2001). Chairman of the Grodno "Belarusian Society of School" (2003-05). Chairman of the Board of the United Democratic Forces (2005-07).

Presidential candidate The Republic of Belarus (2006).

Chairman of the "Movement for Freedom" (from 2006).

Member of the International Federation of Journalists and the International PEN Club.

Winner of the European Parliament's Sakharov Prize "For the freedom of thought," Prize of Sergio Vieira de Mello, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, for acts of peaceful resistance and collaboration communities, religions and cultures, the International Prize of the Independent Fund "Polkul" (Australia), an honorary member of the "Union of Poles in Belarus," an honorary citizen of the city of Tulsa (Oklahoma, USA). He was awarded the Order "For Services to the Polish culture."

The author of 65 scientific papers on quantum electronics, laser technology, history of culture, architecture, education, science and technology, the author of the articles in encyclopedias "History of Belarus" and "Architecture of Belarus."

Owns, besides his native Belarus, French, English, Polish and Russian.

He is married and has two sons and a granddaughter.

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