Bird deaths in the Irkutsk region of the transmission line. Video


18.11.11. For the first time in the Irkutsk region ornithologists have recorded numerous cases of bird deaths. One of the first strike hit a resident of the steppes — Upland Buzzard. The reason for that — the power lines. Birds sit on wires and killed by a powerful discharge current.

Vitaly Ryabtsev examining video from last trip. He takes off his popular science film of Upland Buzzard — he is listed in the Red Book of the Angara. This bird appeared in the region of 15-years old ago. Number steppe inhabitant — a total of 150 pairs.

Vitaly RYABTSEV, Deputy. Director of Science Baikal National Park:

"You could say that this mass death. Only a small area killed so many birds. We only have 300-something special, but only in one place so much. "

Two dozen pillars were found six dead birds and diamonds. Cause of death, according to a scientist — discharge current. Wingspan Buzzard — half a meter. And unlike smaller counterparts, large bird often falls victim to electricity.

Igor Fefelov, ornithology:

"When the birds land on the support due to the small distance between the conductor and wire bird comes under pressure from 6 to 10 thousand volts, and so die."

Ornithologist Igor Fefelov more recently began to understand the power line as good electricians. Said on large plants — birds not only die, but even manage to nest. Also not afraid of power lines on wooden pillars — support is not conducting. Living large birds threatened shallow station on a concrete base.
Catherine Burvan

Source: AIST TV

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