Bird deaths in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Video


* 8/26/11 * 25 August 2011 in a meeting of the Minusinsk Antiepizootic Commission Minusinsk district dedicated to mass deaths of birds at Lake Tagar.

Recall that the August 22, 2011 during the examination of the lake Tagar birds were found dead and diseased individuals.

In the committee attended by the head of administration Minusinsk district, chairman of the AV Peresunko, Head of the Department for Interregional South Rosselkhoznadzor group of districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory NG Beklemeshev and others.

Following the discussion, the decision to enter the monitoring mode on Lake Tagar, provide samples of materials for research to elucidate the causes of the disease poultry, to work with local communities to educate about the rules of the content of domestic animals and birds, as well as familiarize amateur hunters with signs of disease waterfowl and measures of personal prophylaxis. For measures appointed responsible services and facilities.

In addition, on August 26, left Minusinsk district team GNU VNIIVViM Pokrov and FGBU "ARRIAH" Vladimir Moscow region to help to establish the cause of death of wild birds.

Source: Rosselkhoznadzor in Krasnoyarsk region , STS-Prima


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