Bird deaths recorded in Beijing


21.01.11.Massovaya death of wild birds recorded in the suburban area of Beijing — near the village Shatszyin, dozens of dead blackbirds, mallards and magpies, are found along the river banks Xiaoqing, reported local media on Friday.
Local residents fear that they could be carriers of a disease.

"We did not find a dead bird or avian flu signs of some other infectious disease," — said the center of the sanitary-epidemiological control, ITAR-TASS reported.

He did not rule out that they died of hunger and adverse weather conditions. However, experts point out, ornithologists that birds can for a long time to transfer the cold and lack of fodder, if there is water to drink. Xiaoqing river water is considered pure.

According to the newspaper VIEW, about 100 dead crows were found in the center of the Swedish city Falcheping. Locals immediately reminded of similar events in the U.S. city of Beebe (Arkansas), where the New Year's Eve from the sky dropped dead about three thousand birds.

Swedish veterinarians called the cause of their death clash with some blunt object. Literally says that the death of birds due to the "unexpected external influences."

Later, 400 pigeons were found dead on the road near the town of Faenza in the Northern Italian province of Ravenna.


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