Black asteroid flew close to Earth

An asteroid with a diameter of 400 meters walked the Earth

That night, the ground successfully bypassed asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier. From the center of the Earth, it flew away 325,000 miles. And it's much more than expected at NASA. Scientists have even managed to calculate it as close to the planet in half two in the morning, Kyiv time. Extraterrestrial in diameter up to 400 meters.
So watching him almost the whole world. People thought he will not touch the ground, but nothing happened. Heavenly body, similar size, has a time so was close to our planet in 1976, the next such meeting will be in 2028.Huge asteroid
the size of an aircraft carrier flying past the Earth without consequences. Space object flew in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday at a distance of 325.1 thousand km from the center of the planet. This is less than the distance to the moon, but more than initially expected scientists. As close as it was at 23:28 GMT (03:28 MSK). Over the past 200 years, so no more flying, no object.

Convergence asteroid 2005 YU 55 Earth is of great interest not only to scientists because it is very close it, but also because the last time the cosmic body, comparable to it in size, flying past the planet in 1976. And now they are given the chance to observe the phenomenon on space standards, at arm's length.

Detailed study will provide more information as the most heavenly body, and the trajectory of the flight in the future. In this case, it will be possible to make more accurate predictions of celestial bodies closer to the Earth and calculate the possibility of a collision.

According to NASA, the asteroid is spherical, up to 400 meters in diameter and makes one revolution around its axis in 18 hours. In composition, it is a stone composite based on carbon and silicon.

To the naked eye the asteroid was not visible, but the radio telescopes at Goldstone Observatory in California, Arecibo in Puerto Rico, as well as observation complex Deep Space Network tracked signals emanating from it. Several telescopes were broadcasting on the Internet. Fans also had the opportunity to observe the flight of space objects, as it was seen in a less complex devices. Now in Global Network, along with a video released by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, you can find and amateur footage.

Asteroid made a lot of panic because of the large number of inaccurate information. Feared that it might collide with the Earth. In this case, it would have caused an earthquake of magnitude 7 or tsunami up to 20 m (if dropped into the ocean.) At the site of the crash could have been formed to funnel depth of 6 km and a diameter of 500 meters. And if 2005 YU55 down in a densely populated area, it would lead to a huge number of victims.

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