Black caterpillars attacking South Urals. Video


27.06.12.Signal SOS these days came from the residents of the district Sosnowski. The village Shigaevo — now the invasion of black caterpillars. Voracious insects destroy crops in just a few hours. Local residents are recognized: a biological attack on their homestead land has been made.

Gardener with forty years of experience at your Marina Shabalin infield without tears can not watch. All that is cultivated with great difficulty for months, a small black caterpillar is destroyed in a few hours. Shigaevskie gardeners remember: it all started in mid-June. In one night, local gardens literally covered with a cloud of gray moths. The next morning, the winged visitors have started to postpone larvae, and two weeks later gardens Shigaevo already turned black from the hordes of ravenous caterpillars. "This is such sokososuschie caterpillars. One queen lays up to 600 pieces, "- shows Marina Shabalin.

Lugovoi or steppe butterfly is often compared to locusts. He is able to keep gardeners do not harvest. Experts say: just ten tracks per square meter to in this section has nothing grew. This biological attack caught shigaevskih gardeners by surprise. With the invasion of caterpillars are butterfly meadow encountered before. A couple of days the insects destroyed crops of carrots, onions and dill, and has now taken over the potatoes. How to convince local residents, the degree of extravagance that caterpillars have no equal. "Colorado beetle the butterfly sloppy, — says Nikolay Shabalin, the villagers Shigaevo. — After this butterfly Colorado beetle is simply nothing there. "

As experts suggest, gray butterfly meadow moth probably brought by the wind from the next, the Kurgan region. "Track epidemic" is already registered and around Tyumen. The shocking shots — ravaged gardens: after the invasion of caterpillars here, not a single plant. To save the remnants of the harvest, local agronomists prescribed "emergency prescriptions." "It is best to apply systemic insecticide, for example, Northwind Traders, a break" — advises Faith Vaganova, chief agronomist of the Plant Protection Rosselhoztsentra (Tyumen).

However, to make war with caterpillars have long, experts say. After 5-10 days to begin again pupation. At low temperatures, the insects go in the winter, at high — will the second generation of this year.

Maria Nevolina, Andrei Anisimov

Source: STRC "South Ural"

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