Blizzard is raging in the north-eastern United States. Video from the event

At least eight people were killed in heavy snow in the east and the north-eastern United States. Many of them are involved in an accident due to poor visibility on the road and fall into the street poles of power lines and trees, not withstand the rigors of snow. A state of emergency is declared in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and 13 counties in New York. In some regions, two days fell to 80 inches of precipitation. Bad weather led to power outages, without light are about three million subscribers. Snowfall violated transport and led to many hours of flight delay and cancellation of thousands of flights around. Of the airport is gradually recovering. According to the National Weather Service, snow cyclone leaves the U.S. in the near future. Snowfall in October — a rarity for the states,
located in the east and the north-eastern United States. According to meteorologists, it became the fourth most powerful in the last 135 years of observations.Source:

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