Bormann — a man of Stalin? Mystery of the Third Reich and the high priests theory of three castes


General Reinhard Gehlen (1902 — 1980) in Nazi Germany, he served in the General Staff, but in a democratic Germany Germany intelligence service created and directed it until retirement in 1968.
In his memoirs, "Service", he writes:

"… One day, after a long conversation we Canaris (head of intelligence in Nazi Germany — Note. A.) came to the conclusion that the Soviet Union has a well-informed source of information directly in the higher circles of the German leadership. Repeatedly and independently from each other, we find that in the shortest possible time the enemy learned in detail about the conversations that took place in the ruling circles of Germany, and the actions undertaken there …

Here … I want to put an end to silence a mystery, in the careful preservation of the Soviet country that is interested and which is the key to one of the most mysterious cases of the century. It is about a fatal role in the last years of the war, and soon after it played closest confidant of Hitler — Martin Bormann.

Already before the war, Bormann worked on the Soviet Union as an informant and consultant. Independently, we have established the fact that only Bormann possessed by no one controlled by the radio station. We both knew well that a targeted surveillance of the most influential member of the Hitler after the Nazi hierarchy at the moment completely ruled out. Any negligence would mean the end of the investigation and our own end. Canaris was presented to me his suspicions and assumptions and conclusions made about the motives of the treacherous Bormann. The possibility of blackmail Canaris did not rule, but the most likely believed that this Bormann prompted excessive ambition and complex, and ultimately calculations Reichsleiter one day take the place of Hitler. Dexterity with which Bormann could undermine the confidence of Hitler to his rivals Goering and Goebbels was known to us. My own findings were confirmed after 1946, when I had the opportunity to investigate the mysterious circumstances of the escape of Bormann Hitler's bunker in Berlin and its disappearance. Repeatedly pops up in the international press claim that Bormann lived in the jungle between Paraguay and Argentina, guarded by heavily armed bodyguards, deprived of any reason …

… In the 50 years of the two information obtained from reliable sources, I was convinced that Martin Bormann lived in the strictest secrecy in the Soviet Union.
With the capture of Berlin's former Reichsleiter defected to the Soviet forces, and later died in Russia … "

It's memoirs, which he may be, and all of a sudden became known, there is no trust, because the concealed cause of the "promotion" of someone's memoirs, as it turns out (more on this below in the appropriate section on the example of "memoirs" Zhukov and Prince Yusupov, full of falsifications) , may well be part of a PR campaign to dupe people to civilize the state puppets workers.

Untwisted "service" in Germany or not, I do not know. In Russia, it just does not spin. Who would say no, that Gehlen with Canaris knew that Bormann was a person of Stalin, all marvel. Even people who read a lot.
Galen writes that Russia is unprofitable, or nothing is known about Bormann. And the Germans that the benefits? To the Germans knew that the conscience of the nation, in any case, the person at the post conscience of the nation, has appeared as a traitor? (In the sense that it can not Bormann traitor and Tolparov, that is, all the rest of the population of Germany?)

The idea that any nation traitors more than noble people, the country only Tolparov. And for the person Varga is clear: it is the entire population of Germany Tolparov, traitors, traitors to the Motherland because, ancestors of the traitors — as if they did not stick together all of Wagner's "Die Walküre."
The media of our country shamefully called Bormann, Hitler's deputy party. And not only here, but everywhere, where all the holy trampled on so-called democratic freedom of speech. But truly Bormann should be called the high priest Third Reich.

I was led to do here, and retreat to explain what I mean by the word "priest". Obviously I'm not referring to the post. The high priest — a person who is on the other Varga further among his people passed by way of self-dedication. The high priest of the nation (in capital letters) — the extreme opposite of the electorate.

What then is the same whether in everyday life position with the inner world of man, a lot depends on the era. First of all, the choice of a magician positions within the hierarchy depends on the purpose of the traitors nadtysyacheletnego Circle of Heroes for this period. In some historical periods, the heroes must withdraw completely from the government, to give key posts bastards — as in our humiliating period of Khrushchev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin and others. Because sometimes people need Great Humiliation. It takes great self-exposure Jew in the eyes of just getting up to the Path Neugodnikov. Requires a call for the abandonment of Neugodnikov "universal values" and the increase in the Varg. In other historical periods as the high priest, on the contrary, must enter into the higher echelons of power — and it's just a case of Bormann. Hitler — a great administrator, a man of strong mind (read "Mein Kampf" and make sure) and a developed intuition. As deputy of the party he wanted to choose a person who believes in all those lovely words best German authors of free will, which gives people the only path left by the ancestors — and Hitler and the task of selection of pure man coped brilliantly. It was such a man, and he chose — the National High Priest Martin Bormann. A man for whom his skin was not in the first place. The rest of the Germans something very sacrificed for the sake of Russia's skin-keeper Motherland. Especially in the beginning of the war. "Fell out of the nest" only Bormann (BRMN — "Brahmin").

Alas, on Bormann materials could not be found, neither awaiting hierarchies are not interested in the truth about Bormann and even the mention of his name. Method remains simple considerations. He gives a lot. For example, leads to the question: what is under Stalin, in Russia, was engaged in this noble mind is Germany? Well, not checkers, he was playing with himself! This specialist is on the worship of ancestors!

Russian-Tolparov an unfavorable truth about Varg and Bormann? So someone who, as the Germans-Tolparov to be more bitter than bitter to realize that their spiritual high priest, the real, has worked for Stalin, as Hitler had told them, the enemy of the Germans. Demand creates supply. In a year where the leaders of post-war Germany announced that they have discovered the skeleton of Bormann. That is, in any Russian Borman in the last days of the war he moved. He worked under the order a large team of German experts — and Tolparov they categorically stated: exactly the skeleton of Bormann. However, it later became clear that Bormann was breaking his collarbone, while a skeleton found no trace of the collarbone fracture. So it is concluded that the discovered skeleton belongs to Bormann before he broke his collarbone. Well, just like the joke about the museum by Vasily Ivanovich, which were put up his cap Vasily, Vasily checker, the skeleton of a horse lover Vasily Ivanovich, the skeleton of the Vasily recovered from the river bottom, and even the skeleton of Vasily Ivanovich, when he was six years.

Demand pack — is power. And demand creates supply.
In Russia, too, with interested in the spread of reference of the German high priest of Judaic officials find impossible. Take the Khrushchev period. If the brightest planet, including Bormann, risking their lives, getting up around Stalin wall, and Khrushchev acted against the bastards, then who Khrushch?

Then who was Bormann, if the traitors of the motherland on opposite sides of the fence? A noble man, the personality? And what is it all about: a traitor? What it is: The ancestral home? A Prapredok that?
And here is the basic instinct Tolparov included: fear of the Court of Eternity, the Court of Justice to.

Americans, it really is, the more Bormann should drown in silence, or at the centuries-old habit of devout Christians to drown the memory of him in a lie and slander.
So it turns out that it is not accidentally find information about Bormann not be anywhere else in the world. But the second man after Hitler! He was responsible for the noble origins in German.
The media is not found. But there is a method of simple reasons — I wrote about it when talking about that period of his life when I am Russian, was son in law of the chief rabbi.

In fact, for such a powerful tool as a method of simple considerations us enough and the few details that are known about Bormann from Helena. First, we know that the actions of Bormann were not typical. In other words, Bormann — a man with a "deviant" behavior. Nazi sadistic bastards at the time of the defeat of Hitler realized that their spiritual brothers are not in Stalin's Russia, and in the democratic world. The Americans have not destroyed the Vietnamese village with the entire population, not yet burned Vietnamese children, doused with napalm, U.S. Democrat has not bombed Serbia for the small fact that the military "thought" that the potato fields — is the mass graves of victims of the Serbs (and vainly thought later it turned out that it's still a simple potato fields) and Nazi bastards have realized that their spiritual brothers — Americans are Christians. But all these freaks Stalin was a stranger. Made from some other test. But the noble Borman, opposite the butchers who are in the Path of the Ancestors with fear and horror, recognized for his Stalin.

Bormann acted selflessly — were people in England, the same Cambridge group, for example, selflessly worked for Stalin.
When intuitionist strongest in Western Europe from Hitler chose the German population the man who more than any other suit the role of the High Priest of the Cult of the Ancestors, then chose not one of those Germans who eventually even the initial slogans Way of the Ancestors betrayed, and Bormann.

Of all people, and Borman Way of the Ancestors betrayed.
Bormann followed a star like no other ancestors of the Germans — at least those of them who on hearing.
All these details can highly suggest that Bormann was a high priest not only on the job, but also on the merits.

But even if the quoted text Helena nothing more than a fantasy of professional intelligence and counter-intelligence, the fantasy was not accidental, and to discuss useful and important. Even the notion of options reflects the reality, even to the time and hidden. Not come up with everything but only what is — in my dreams, in secret, with the opposite sign. Simply put, Canaris also knew that Nazi Germany in the Soviet Union worked some person. Traitor Motherland. Gide. According to the character. The person in the USSR is very significant. Because Canaris and guessed the second person in the Third Reich.

Great Shaman not cheat — Stalin on the "mole" inside the Soviet Union knew and used this handy tool as a lever to achieve the objectives of the Circle of Heroes. It is even conceivable that Stalin did this man artificially high — making it unnecessary for the post. Or desired. By this shall receive the name of the Betrayer can be calculated. In particular, he must ascribe the victory of the Jews in the War. I know that name — but not this book.

The symmetry of the theme of "mole" in Germany and Russia should be in the fact that it makes sense to recruit only the second person. One-hundred and first person to sense a little. Gide — for the money, but the real German, a German priest of the cult of ancestors life would be willing to put behind homeland of all, for the ancestors of all, the High Priest of the world in particular, disinterested.
The Communist Party of the Soviet Union to the 90 th year, which developed on the principles laid down by Khrushchev, was out of the muck. Once stopped the financial makeup of pockets of party, they immediately treacherous his little soul showed in his actions. Of the 14 million party members devoted to the ideas of brotherhood there were only 180,000 elderly. And the way that Stalin's Grand Magus, is not interesting.

The same, if not worse, and the proportions were in Hitler's party — the sea of shit and it units of pearls. Borman, judging by his actions, was one of those gems. For him, it was really significant is what he said: The Way of Heroes, Virgo, Wagner, the Aryans, the ancestral home.
Generally speaking, a surprisingly important open patterns of life in thinking about what the high priest Third Reich not only foretold recognized, but also risked their lives to help him, and disinterested.

There are real priests, and there are false priests. Fuflovye priests only CEOs in religious organizations: the wave of his hand — and ordinary priest ran in them. And grassroots Tolparov too. By their works ye shall know them.
These national high priests — the exact opposite of his people. The moral opposite. This is a general rule for, alas, of all nations. This high priest — the conscience of the nation. This high priest had to hide under the mask — or devour him, as once tore Christ. However: for ye shall know them.

The people of the saints of castes vairgina Stalin unable to comprehend, and therefore hate it, feel toward him fear and terror in the repressed state of indifference, but the chief priests all the people happy at the thought that Stalin was, and is, and disappeared into the future .
Borman was a true priest of the Germans. In essence, the Hero. White Shaman. Was and is — and rise again.
Thus, the "strange" behavior of the high priest's Third Reich brings us to the theory of the three castes — the validity of which the reader can see at any point of the planet. On the condition, of course, that in this area there is at least one Neugodnikov — for comparison.

Every theory is designed to explain the strangeness. Strangeness — these are events that do not fit into the theory of cause-and-effect relationships, which we like to stake planted civilize.
Why did the high priest Third Reich risked life and, moreover, unselfishly, to join the cases of Stalin? Why do all sorts of Khrushchev, Stalin who gave everything of Stalin betrayed, poisoned and lied?

Why did the high priests of different people (from the Germans — Borman, from Gypsy — Gypsy Baro, from the Jews — the present chief rabbi of Tuva — the supreme shaman of Tuva, in general, all the shamans — it is only those for whom I write in the book) idolizes Stalin, and cattle of the same people afraid of the dead, even the shadow of Stalin?
The theory is an extension of the three castes of the theory of the pack.

Third lower caste, the doctrine of the three castes just offend.
The reader through life, right, notice that the maid theme of genius just angry. Just the topic itself. Tolparov like flattery, but in false flattery they believe. Tolparov really like to believe in that fantasy that every one of the geniuses were not a finer nervous organization, the result of a broader outlook on life, and is just insane. (Say, and they, stupid, that geniuses are entitled to view from the top — healthy, perfection!) There is little Jew and Lombroso with his degenerative theory of genius and insanity remember, just as the Germans remember about Bormann's skeleton when he was six years.

So, the truth of life is this: the living conditions for all share, for the planet alone, if limited to one nation, one language and then, but the people inside the separation occurs in the three castes which representatives not understand each other. They live in three different worlds — Three different systems of values, three different horizon. The fate of the same in eternity not three, but two — opposite.
Three castes are: Tolparov, black and white camas camas.
Synonyms of the word "Tolparov": servants, puppets, singers, saints, Tolparov, nerds, freaks, jerks, massive man, redneck, shit, the electorate.

Synonyms of the term "black stone", "know" the bear, successful entrepreneurs, heads, charismatic leaders, bright necrophilia.
Synonyms of the term "white stone": Neugodnikov, vairginy, thinking, national chief priests (real chief rabbis, the great shamans, these patriarchs, baro, etc.) know the world is a wolf, and in alchemy — the king who was exposed from the clothes of sin and the gold, refined "wolf"; sun; happy owners of critical thinking.

Differences worldviews of all three castes can be shown by example.
The Dukes (electorate, mass people) believe that in order to become president, the favorite of the people, you have to be very good, smart, able to organize things better than others, and so on — for this reason that the electorate in the election this will prefer and even fall in love. Like, people are looking for good, not possible zatorchat, the hiding of prescience about the Court.

But the analysis of the path to power of Hitler alone shows that for the love of the people is much more important that the choice of the people was crap and piss on random women, literally — and the electorate will adore this asshole (more than love). Great humiliation turns into a great power — so live all the big bosses, the property of which waved a hand — and ran Tolparov perform. This ancient knowledge about the real way of life of a democratic society.
Tolparov uses only textual ways of gathering information. (This book is about how non-text). Written — and that's it.

But perhaps the opposite order of society — beloshamannoe Volkhovsky.
Ritual killing of wolves (as that made in the estate of Ramon Romanovs, this chapter in the next volume) — the same blasphemous magic that Hitler and defecating on women.
The highest caste, white camas, of course know that the human hierarchy based on the shit out of shit and, on top of the pile — "elected representatives of the people." In line with this knowledge and achieve the objectives of the Circle of Heroes, and always win, because life is better versed in all the others.

The lower third caste is bound to be manageable — as living in the Phantasm based on flattery. They do not focus in life. Specifically, cattle believe that it is always prefers crap (remember how suchili feet, shouting, "Yeltsin!") — So it is supposedly "just wrong." A systematic way, however. Believe that the "wrong" every time "accidentally." Say, good people cheat poor outcasts.

The leaders also live in a phantasm, but in a different manner than cattle. They have an experience of life that is not life rednecks: they gave up — and immediately ran cattle, of course, in the direction you had given up. The leaders of the reaction of the electorate to get used to a different way of life Tolparov bottom folds itself — hence involuntarily build appropriate miroopisanie. Typically, in this picture of the world every leader is doomed to see himself God's chosen. Inside of a 'new religion'. This their idiocy — the price paid for the lack of love for the truth. All you have to pay. In this faith in their "chosen one" (this they explain that the people running to where they wave) and concluded weakness leaders — and a whip with which they can control how sverhvozhd and magician.

Higher caste (white camas, magicians) do not have the opposite of the leaders, the overwhelming will of Tolparov energy. If the white stone will wave his hand, the electorate in the right direction will not run. But the white camas not Tolparov. They are able to go through the gates to the worgen, and as a result, can be manipulated by leaders — for example, being able to see the future, to organize a "beacon", and the leader to keep the feeling of being chosen by God will do as he suggest traps exposed to it-" lighthouses. "

The state can be built from all three castes, or only of the lower of the two. Lower — the chiefs and Tolparov. Such a state will then behave like, say, Bulgaria. In the East, there was very strong — heels scratching the eastern master. In the West came from — scratch their heels west.
But it may be that the head of state decides to get a true national high priest. Or even planetary High Priest. Here there is a paradox that is not immediately understood even by those who are able to understand over the years. Tolparov not change: flee with all haste they only give the go-ahead when the villain, overwhelming, bright necrophiliac, a hypnotist. Otherwise Tolparov can not. High Priest of the Tolparov can only betray, slander, and even kill. That is why Stalin and the masses had to stand scoundrels like Khrushchev. People like this. Scoundrels, who, once they were given the opportunity, as the Master, and most importantly, the Hero, was poisoned. And he kept them on an iron leash: just that — in the camp. Or just rotated to avoid sticking.

With participation in the power of all three castes of the circuit can be only one: Host-Priest — Khrushchev — Tolparov. A Neugodnikov next to the hierarchy, built on such a scheme, mastered the Dead in the way of the spirit at the observatories kometoiskateley in surveying expeditions, hunting foxes, fixed time grinding away, feeding on midge Tunguska fall out, performing feats (in the ordinary sense of the word), and receiving the Order of Stalin .

So someone who, namely Neugodnikov under Stalin created all the conditions for the ascent to the Cross of the Virgin. This is a significant part of the book.
If the governor does not support Varga, then no matter how hard the Kremlin inmate is not posed as holy, in fact, it is — the usual bullshit. "Manure" during his lifetime, the fertilizer will be after death.

Caste divided and attitude to youth. Who was not stupid, he was not young. Vairgin loves wisdom and welcomes the maturity and death — as the greatest opportunity for creativity in eternity. Wisdom in a foolish young man, he was denied. A young man recalls the stomach with a sigh, and with a tear — oh, say, as well. And death encounters, of course, with the fear of the Last Judgment of Justice.
That's the theory of the three castes.

The consequences of a lot and every effect is beautiful, worthy of contemplation. And that's not counting the fact that the interpretation of any investigation fills the power to vargovoy Victory.
I recall that was supposed to explain the theory of the three castes: German priest why the Third Reich was willing to put the lives of Stalin, and the crowd Russish Schwein, who are required to Stalin preservation of biological life and excitement, even boulders left behind since the ancestors of the descendants in memory of Circus heroes, not holy. And all because some are the highest caste, and the other — the lowest. And the attitude of Stalin — a consequence of caste.

Among Strangers, a Stranger Among his …

So, the attitude to Stalin dictated solely the level of development: Tolparov and Head-zadoliz experiences fear and horror, or took refuge in the seeming indifference, and even for beginners Neugodnikov Magi — the object for contemplation.
The practical upshot of this part of the book is that success has left our country with the death of Stalin. Not because he died, but because he was abused as traitors Circle of Heroes. In the Great Magi is a posthumous life. And as long as at the state level, this outrage will continue, success will not happen. Although we have a world to Jews all our minerals to sell out at least ten kilometers deep — nothing will. What would neither have achieved — still might enjoy even greater success.

A.Menyaylov. "Stalin: the secrets of the Valkyries"

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