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It's no secret that the products are divided into useful and not so. For example, fruits and vegetables are much healthier cakes and sweets, bread and bran usual. But if fruits and vegetables all clear, then what is the use of bran notorious for many remains a mystery. Try to understand.

Bran said that usually goes to waste when grinding the grain into flour. If you do not go too far in botany, is all that is around the core of starchy grains. Bran too nutritious, but are beneficial to the organism contain substances: cellulose, vitamins and minerals. It is believed that the bran contains 90% of biologically active components of whole grains.

Despite the clear benefits of bran, until recently, they were not popular and were mainly for animal feed. The reason is simple: the bran in kind is not possible, and make them tasty no one knew how. Who needs a brown bread with bran, when you can buy good of flour?

This all changed with the emergence of fashion for a healthy lifestyle. On the threshold of the XXI century, tired and semi-fast food people to think about nutrition, organic foods and natural vitamins. It then became important textbook aphorism, "I am what I eat," which is credited to Hippocrates the father of medicine. By the way, about the benefits of bran health Hippocrates also said.

Food producers, determined to keep pace with the times, remembered their bran. They began adding them to yogurt, cereals, muffins, scones, cookies, bread. And, of course, to produce ready-to-eat form — in the form of pellets. You can just crunch, and can be used in the preparation of healthy and low-calorie dishes. Depending on the processed corn bran pellets are wheat, rye, oat, rice, buckwheat, etc.


When bran irreplaceable?

Problem 1. Hypovitaminosis

Designed specifically for people who are overweight bran "Origiteya" enriched with micronutrients.

If the broken line between spending vitamins and entering them into the body, vitamin deficiencies occur. Depending on what vitamin deficiency, vitamin deficiencies may show loss of strength, decreased immunity, memory impairment, hair loss, brittle nails, etc. Typically, this condition occurs closer to spring, because the products were stored winter, losing useful properties. In addition, the body's need for vitamins increases during stress, smoking, pregnancy, and mental and physical overload.

The use of bran

Bran contains B vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin A. For this reason bran so useful in hypovitaminosis. They also contain trace elements required for normal metabolic processes in the body: zinc, copper, potassium and magnesium.

Interesting Facts

In the XVII century in Asia (China, Japan, India, Indonesia) rich citizens refused to "dirty" rice bran and began to eat cleaned of impurities tasteless white rice. The result was terrible: a violation of sensitivity, paralysis, mental disorders (delusions and hallucinations), and in the end — an agonizing death. The doctors decided that the people struck epidemic and disease called beriberi (from the Sinhalese word «beri» — weakness). It was only two centuries later the Dutch scientist Christiaan Eijkman proved that the cause of the disease — lack of vital substances contained in the outer shell of raw rice grains. This substance was vitamin B1 (thiamine).


Problem 2. Excess weight

Is the person overweight or not, can be found by calculating his body mass index according to the formula: weight (in kilograms) divided by the square of height (in meters). If the result is greater than 25, it means that there is excess weight. If the body mass index greater than 30, then it is diagnosed — obesity.

How dangerous is overweight? With obesity the metabolism suffer joints and veins in the legs, and increased risk of heart disease (ischemia, infarction) and brain (stroke).

The use of bran

Bran indispensable in the treatment of obesity. Everyone knows that load up at night — bad for the figure, but if hunger does not sleep, do not overeat sandwiches prepared in haste. It is better to take a glass of buttermilk (or skim milk) and drink it a bit of sugar and bran. Number kcal per 100 grams of bran — from 150 to 200. It's more than raw carrots, but significantly less than in the doctor's sausage. Unlike sausages high nutritional bran have not. Their base — plant fibers that are poorly digested, but quickly give a feeling of satiety, so that people do not feel hungry for a long time.

Interesting recipes

Bran contraindicated:

  • in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract with the syndrome of diarrhea;
  • gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcers and other gastrointestinal erosive lesions in the acute stage;
  • adhesive disease in the abdomen.

Pancakes with bran

5 to bake pancakes need:

• milled bran (instead of flour) — 4 tablespoons;

• 1.5% of milk — 100 ml; • Salt — a pinch;

• Soda — a pinch;

• sweetener — to taste;

• quail eggs — 2 pieces;

• Sunflower oil — incomplete teaspoon.

Bran mixed with the milk, add the eggs, salt, baking soda and sugar substitute. Before baking, pour in the batter sunflower oil.

Other recipes for delicious and healthy dishes with bran can be found on the author's website the methods of treatment of obesity Golden Earring Doctor ® Fly:


Problem 3. Constipation

Constipation — this delay chair more than 48 hours. The most common causes of constipation: lack of dietary fiber in the diet, inadequate fluid intake, stress and a sedentary lifestyle.

The use of bran

Among the food bran ranks first on the content of dietary fiber (53-55%), and vegetables are twice less (20-24%). Plant fibers (cellulose) stimulate the intestine due to the adsorption of water. Water adsorption in the intestine increases the volume of stools and reduces the risk of constipation.

Interesting Facts

In the Middle Ages, constipation called "the royal disease". She suffered only from the aristocracy and commoners, fed on roughage, the existence of this problem does not even know existed. Today, chronic constipation has become the scourge of the highly developed countries: the United States and Western Europe, it suffers from 10 to 15% of young people and the elderly twice. In the countries of Africa and India, these numbers tend to zero.


Problem 4. Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Scientists from Harvard University in Boston have shown that dietary fiber and other nutrients contained in whole grains, reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of hypertension and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.


Problem 5. Increased blood sugar level

Bran help maintain optimal levels of insulin and glucose in blood. The fact that the bran is absorbed very slowly, therefore, a sharp rise after a meal sugars arises. And the more bran, the better. Swedish researchers have shown that for patients with diabetes whole grain rye useful white bread with bran.

Of course, the bran is not a panacea for all ills, it is only one component of proper nutrition. However, they can help you feel better and solve some health problems.


Source: Clinic ORIGITEYA ®

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