Bukovina recorded massive landslide

The village Bochkivtsy Khotyn district, Chernivtsi region due to weather conditions intensified landslides. Under the threat of total destruction were 14 estates.

Only in the last week people were left without garages, commercial buildings, and most of the houses.

According to Nina Bodnar, Bochkivetskogo village heads in the landslide area resident children and pensioners, and their living conditions are extremely dangerous to life. The situation is further complicated by the fact that in the area of landslides fall objects of national importance, in particular, the road of national importance for the export of timber, water, gas, high voltage power lines, according to Ukrainian press center.

Funds for urgent anti-landslide measures yet. But the delay can not be, experts say, because the shift has already spread on 4 acres of land.

As commented Vladimir Starchak, deputy chairman of the RGA Khotyn, the shift is exacerbated by the fact that the water flow is constant: below once housed an old brick factory, which chose the clay from the quarry. Experts predict landslides in any case will not stop.

Now the district administration has asked the state 400 000 hryvnia, to resettle the inhabitants of the most dangerous four houses. For those who do not have close relatives who are looking for other houses for resettlement for those left without gas, promise to help wood.

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