Bulgaria. The guy in the expectation of the end of the Light cut off his penis


21-year-old B. Desislav from Shumen publicly castrated himself on the street in front of the house, cutting off his penis with a knife. Neighbors called the "fast". Doctors brought the victim to the hospital and sewed him what we could. From the words of the doctors, then the guy will even be able to have sex … maybe … just in case chlenovreditelya temporarily placed in a psychiatric hospital.

Eunuch himself explained his action that did not want to fall into the hands of the devil after the end of the world. He decided to stay forever, destroying its most vile instrument of creation of Evil.



Autumn came, faded cabbage,
I lost my sexual feelings.
I'll be out on the road, I'll throw dick in a puddle,
Let him trample — fuck I need it.

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