Burning of Europe. South of the European continent drowned in smoke huge fires

Tenerife off already 1,800 hectares of forest. Including on the side of a volcano in the park Teide. Photo: AP

In Southern Europe, burning forests. The fire does not spare national parks and reserves, and fire effects felt even tourists.
Whole last week the thermometer did not drop below 35 degrees in Madrid in mid-July was hot air in southern Italy, Greece and Croatia. Heat and wind lead to the spread of forest fires in southern Europe.

In Italy only at the weekend, according to the state forest inspection, there were 550 fires. The number of fires in the arid areas of the country since the beginning of the year has almost doubled. Large fires are marked in Ragusa in the south of Sicily and the north-east of Sardinia near the luxury resort of Costa Smeralda, where the fire had spread to an area of 100 hectares.

In Sardinia reported to evacuate 800 people — mostly tourists. In the state, "the Italian Tourist Board '" RG "was told that at the moment the situation in Sardinia is calm and there is nothing stopping the Russians go there on vacation. According to the news agency ANSA, on Tuesday, firefighters also rescued from the fire Pollino National Park in the south.

Meanwhile, and in the Canary Islands are covered by forest fire. According to AFP, Tenerife fire spread to the area 1,800 hectares and reached the Teide National Park on the slopes of the volcano of the same name — the highest point in Spain.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Park — one of the major local attractions. 800 firefighters are trying to prevent the fire from spreading to the forest reserves. According to local media reports, the fire services have evacuated 90 residents. From Palma — other Canary archipelago — 100 people evacuated. All their homes were forced to leave about 300 islanders.

Source: the-day-x.ru

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