Burnt alive


7.09.11.Polkovnik retired Taras Shevchenko D. served in special forces units, which trained commandos to help the residents of Ashgabat earthquake and reverse the effects of the Chernobyl accident.

In September 1951, he had the opportunity to participate in horrific experiments on living things during the test of the first Soviet atomic bomb. For a long time he was silent about the events. Today the "atomic" soldiers divided the "interlocutor" their memories.

Assignment of special importance
At the time I was a young lieutenant. Graduated from the Omsk Military Medical School, Special Faculty of protection against weapons of mass destruction. Almost a year has served in part under the Archangel, where I was urgently sent to Moscow to perform as explained important government jobs.
At the point of collection to the capital arrived around 400 people. To my surprise, there were many of my friends in the college.
Our team is made up mainly of young officers, was put in the van going east, "five hundred gay" train with tickets just "there". On the fourth day we arrived at the station, Jean-families, 50 km south of Semipalatinsk. The desert is on the machines we were taken to the polygon.
There, security officers at the gate checked our documents, each with a head to toe look ransacked. Was ordered to hand over all the documents to the headquarters. Then each made to sign non-disclosure of all we will see, for 25 years.
Six days of "running"
We were given special suits, underwear, soaked in any particular solution, rubber gloves, stockings, shoe covers. For eye protection — special inserts to the glass masks. However, in the paper they are only prevented because no one was using. In his pocket was a black jumpsuit sealed capsule — dosimeter with an individual number.
Our team of K-Zoo was to deliver the animals to the place of trial, and then bring them back to the laboratory, vivarium. Training was organized, almost automatically. In certain places, we were tied with chains collars for animals — sheep, pigs, dogs, horses, cows and even camels. Separately placed cells in which there were rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs. Participated in the experiment and a small group of monkeys. Animals were placed everywhere — in the basement, on different floors of buildings, military equipment (tanks, armored personnel carriers, aircraft), and outside the shelters. On some test we were told to wear special masks. Each time, after finishing work, we went on a signal from a zone to a distance of about 40 km from the epicenter of the alleged explosion, where the team expected to return.
Such "psychological site tests" There were five or six. As a result, the internal state of anxiety, do not leave us in the first few days at the site, some relief. When once again we were told to take test on the objects themselves and return to their place of residence without taking animal vivarium, we realized that this time it will be for real.
We were sent to rest early, but many have not slept a wink the night.
It is time to "H"
The day was calm and sultry. Ascent announced early — at four in the morning. Right after breakfast, we enhanced brought the car to the area and firmly fasten them. We are commanded to prepare for an explosion and close your eyes. All lay down in the trenches face down, as taught in training, 10 meters behind the vehicle. It seemed as though time has stopped, and life itself, just pounding heart. From time to time in anticipation of the dog began to howl fatal hour, as if saying goodbye to us. Worried and other animals.
Tension became unbearable. Someone lost their nerve, heard pokazushno-jauntily singing "My wife will find another little boy and his mother — never." Immediately there was a metallic order to stop the song. After a pause the voice added, "with soloist we will take a look at popoet elsewhere …"
The first thing that we felt — blinding flash. Even with closed eyes seemed to be somewhere near a powerful flash of lightning. Then came the long-drawn, like nothing on earth rattle sound wave, and after a second or two swayed and moaned land. Most impatient timidly raises his head, turning to the side of the growing noise. Before our eyes, born and growing gray and ominous black mushroom. He is a living, moving his hat terrible edges and covered the sun. At first, we just froze in horror. But torpor interrupted command, "Stand up," "put on their masks," "on the car!" What do we do next, we already knew.
The pain, the howling and moaning
To a designated route we went to their sites and immediately fell into a continuous cloud of dust and smoke. It was stuffy and hot, but the windows open in the car was banned, in order "to protect against ionizing radiation."
Meanwhile, a huge mushroom began to lean down, losing shape, and with it the dirty gray clouds slowly went to the south-west. At 6.5 km from the explosion began to see some animals that have broken loose and stupidly walked in all directions. They looked miserable and terrible: burned body, watery eyes, or blinded. They shied away from subluxation and moan.
Closer to the epicenter of the explosion began to meet the flow of molten metal in the form of a set of scattered and beautifully fused beads. Was tempted to touch them or kick leg. A balls-tempters, as we explained later (would have warned before!) Were radioactive and deadly.
All around lay wrecked military equipment, many of the houses turned into piles of debris. What could burn — burned, and the ground was covered with a crust. Everywhere groans, howling and barking animals. It was a terrible sight. Really, I thought this could create hands and zoom ra-human?
We worked as a wound, knowing that every minute is deadly. They loaded the survivors — mostly in shelters — animals, signs of life, and moved as quickly as possible to the vivarium.
Three hours later, we took the animals to the laboratory and passed on receipt. Then there were the decontamination room, and dinner. Then again it took time to get over something, and finally realize that this nightmare is over.
In September, 51-I was twenty-three years. And of course, I could not know that I would live another six decades and will talk about their experiences. So lucky, unfortunately, not all …


• In 1949, at the Semipalatinsk test site was carried out first in the Soviet Union tested a nuclear weapon. Prior to 1989, there were detonated 616 nuclear and thermonuclear devices, including this was the most "dirty" 30 ground explosions and 86 aircraft. According to the UN, more than a million people were exposed for 40 years of nuclear testing at Semipalatinsk.
• September 24, 1951 was exploded atomic charge "502-M" (RDS-2) capacity of 38 kilotons (for comparison: Hiroshima — 20 KLT). The unit was on the tower height of 30 m Effects of tested on animals, and got, and people.
• September 14, 1954 under Totsk (Orenburg region) conducted combined arms exercises with the use of nuclear weapons (power of the explosion was 60 KLT — three Hiroshima!).
In addition to 45,000 troops from the radioactive cloud affected more than 10,000 civilians — the residents of nearby villages. In the area Totsky radioactive trace over the past decade the birth rate fell by almost 3 times, and the number of birth defects has increased by 1.6 times.

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Source: Sobesednik.ru

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