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Rumor has it that every summer you secretly leave on an island and there contemplating and writing new books. May reveal the secrets of their creative project? .. Also, the traveler.

Dear traveler, you have created an almost idyllic picture. That's right, and I would like to spend most of every summer.

The reality, unfortunately, is more prosaic. But for several years my friends and I really depart for a couple of summer days on an island. Perhaps sometime and get to the islands of remote and exotic. At night we would lie in wait thence cannibals, and those who live through the night, happily wake, shpurlyayuchysya coconuts, local lemurs.

In the meantime, our islands — native, Belarus. But I want to tell you that the lack of experience and no exotic overseas.

If we call our Travel "project", it seems, have finally come up with his name. Let it be, for example, the "Archipelago".

Naturally, we're not going to the first-best island. Throughout the winter to discuss the next candidates, looking at maps, leaf through the encyclopedia "Blue treasure Belarus." Then, as they say now, there is a rating vote.

"Archipelago" began with the island on the lake Nescherdo. The one on the banks of which, Muragi, birthplace of the famous Yang Barshcheuski. Author of the book "Shlyahtich logjam, or Belarus in the fiction stories." Contemporaries compared her with tales of the "Thousand and One Nights."

"My uncle, a wealthy nobleman enough pan logjam — writes Borshevsky — lived in the north and the wild side of Belarus. His estate was in a magical place. To the north near the shelter — Nescherdo, like a huge lake of the bay …"

just in such places, which for two centuries have not changed, and the stories are born that do not give sleep at night …

I'll tell you what just in such places, which for two centuries have not changed, and the stories are born that do not give sleep at night. When it was my turn to guard our roving camp, constantly imagined that now fly Witch White Magpie. Or come out of the darkness a man with hair on his head that scream, or he uncrowned king of our warlocks Pan Twardowski …

Next year chose Osveiskoye lake. The only way, in Belarus, where you can observe the natural zvu known as fata morgana. Osveiskoye island our country the largest — 5 square kilometers.

It's a whole world — steep coast, forest, meadows, ravines, pond … Apple and pear on the former site of the village, which is in the middle of the last century, violence moved. (It is said that it would be difficult to establish on the island of Soviet power.)

They live hares, foxes, wild boar, wolf family that evening politely reminded us who's boss. When the fires began to be referred to scenes from the "Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bredbery. And then there was a lunar eclipse …

North Island
full moon in full eclipse
so the mobile
Great land with silent

fire on the lookout
vodbliz Feral Garden
quietly come out because of the apple trees
the soul of the former islanders …

And Last year, was on the island Ushachi Charstsvyatah. Myastsinka also incredibly beautiful and equally mysterious. Local fisherman Nicholas told us that there Midsummer claimed annually and dance around the fire "some nuns." Along with them come the musicians playing bagpipes so loudly that the village on the shore to jump. So swims Nicholas at night by boat to check your neratok, and here come two "nuns" on the coast, dropping all of yourself and — to Nicholas. Says he barely escaped. And I still would have thought …

The island, like the farm, creates her resident svetabachanne its unique, world-view and svetavyavlenne. When Belarus will take the law on private ownership of land, be sure to buy myself a little island.

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