By geophysical situation in Japan


2.11.11.Analiz geophysical situation in Japan shows its approach to a critical point.

The threat of a massive earthquake has risen sharply. One factor was the increase of its strong magnetic storm on November 1. One seismomagnetic meridians in a storm covered including Japan.

Other abnormal signs are triggered by a composite Annex 1. Their greatest manifestation celebrated on October 29.

Identified on space satellite Meteor-M (MSU-MR), Terra (Modis), Aqua (Modis), etc. October 19, 2011 Cloud seismotectonic indicators (2.3 Applications) Indicate the possibility of a powerful earthquake.

Our concerns and some geophysical data was sent by the Japanese fellow geophysicists. The gesture was seen by them with an understanding and willingness to cooperate.
Appendix 1 (Pdf, 570 Kb)

Appendix 2 (Pdf, 560 Kb)

Appendix 3 (Pdf, 240 Kb)

Source: Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring

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