By landslide in Colombia killed 39 people

The number of victims of the landslide in Colombia to 39 people, according to Agence France-Presse citing rescuers. According to the workers of the Red Cross, the death toll is likely to continue to increase.

Landslide completely destroyed 14 homes, occurred early Saturday morning in the city of Manizales (Manizales) in the east. Rescuers managed to extract from the live layer of earth and mud 16 people, reports BBC News.

The exact number of missing is not yet known, it is assumed that under the soil and dirt are still at least 20 people. According to witnesses, the damaged houses were buried entire families.

Cause of the disaster became torrential rains that hit the Columbia a few days ago. Last rainy season has become one of the most destructive in history. Because of the threat of floods and landslides have already been evacuated about 250,000 people.

Eight people were killed in Cali (Cali) to the west of the country while swimming in a river overflowing due to rains.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, heavy rains in Colombia continue throughout November and December, during this time, is expected to fall two or three times more rain than usual.


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