By the Earth sweeps driverless bus

By the Earth sweeps next asteroid. Celestial body the size of a bus will fly tonight very close to our planet.

NASA astronomers have discovered a cosmic body is still on June 22 and was named 2011 MD. Its approximate size is 9 to 30 meters. According to specialists, at 21:14 MSK, he will be at a distance of only 12 thousand kilometers from the Earth's surface in the region of Antarctica.

"The likelihood that 2011 MD collide with Earth, is zero. Yet scientists use its close passage and will study the asteroid with radar," — said one of the astronomers Space Agency.

As explained in NASA, asteroids of this size do not pose any threat to the Earth. Even if 2011 MD will fly straight to the planet, it will burn in the atmosphere and fall to the surface only the wreckage.

Asteroids usually fly at a much greater distance from the Earth, so the approach of 2011 MD — this is a relatively rare event. On average, this happens once in six years, but this rule there are exceptions. Most recently, in February of this year, a record close just 5 thousand 471 kilometers from our planet flying asteroid 2011 CQ1.

Are expected to fall near the Earth will have another asteroid, this time with a diameter of 400 meters. He flies around at a distance of 321 thousand kilometers from the surface.

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