By the end of the week the temperature in Moscow falls below normal

As reported, summer just started, but forecasters are already afraid frosts. Is it true that in the central part of Russia became much colder? This leading "Morning of Russia" asked a leading specialist of the Center Weather PHOBOS Vadim Zavodchenkova.

Freezing the central regions of the country will not get any assured forecaster. They occur in the north of European Russia, in the north of the Urals and Siberia.

It is not an uncommon phenomenon, noted Zavodchenkov. Muscovites waiting for cooling without frost.

In the center of European Russia chill comes in the week. It is likely showers and thunderstorms. Earlier this week, still warm — plus 20-25 degrees, and by the end of its temperature drops to plus 16-21 — is 3-4 degrees below normal.

In the south of the European part of the upcoming week will be characterized by unstable weather with showers and thunderstorms. However, here are the highest recorded temperature. Pm — 24-29, in places up to plus 32 degrees. On the middle Volga also be a lot of showers and thunderstorms, but the temperature is expected to more moderate. Earlier this week — plus 19-24, by the end of the week — raising the temperature to 22-27 degrees.

In the north-west of the European part of the weather will develop somewhat unusual, said forecaster. The main rainy season is likely to have to start the week. It will be cool to 10-15 degrees in the north, 15-20 — in the north-west. In the second half of the week will be scattered clouds, the rain stopped, the sun and look out the thermometer go up. The air temperature in the afternoon will reach 19-24 Celsius.

The Ural region have more luck: here most of the week will be sunny, and only on Thursday will be light rain. By Friday is expected to increase the temperature to plus 21-26 degrees.

In Siberia the main cyclone trajectories lie in the north of the region, so here is the cool and rainy weather. In the south, less clouds, showers and thunderstorms will be held only in places. The temperature here will be kept at 25-30, only today and tomorrow in southwest Siberia by 5-7 degrees cooler. Zavodchenkov noted that the situation in the south of Siberia is highly inflammable, as there is little rain and the temperature — about 8 degrees above normal.

In the Far East, the weather contrast: the coast will be covered with a veil of sea fog, so the temperature is unlikely to rise to plus 14-19 degrees. But in continental areas will come very warm air, a point of possible showers and thunderstorms. And here the thermometer rise to plus 25-30.


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