Canada: A giant sinkhole in Manitoba (photo)

June 12, 2011. According to eyewitnesses, the depth of the dip of about 50 feet, and the occupied area — 3 acres, this two football fields.

Trees around the failure sank in the same vertical position as the growing, reports

Later it was reported that the giant hole continues to grow. At the moment, its depth is 100 feet.

Canada: A giant failure in Manitoba

Giant sinkhole in the south, the Dauphin (Dauphin — a city in the Canadian province of Manitoba — annotated. Translator)

June 6. Boys named Fisher thought that they would have a pretty good crop of timothy (for hay), increases due to wet weather and other factors. One morning last week, a large part of the harvest dropped by 15 meters straight down, leaving a gaping "depression" in the field. Vermillion River, bloated because of the rains that have escaped from the mountain Riding, flows nearby, and maybe it has caused the emergence of the phenomenon.

All slid 15 meters down

Vonda my cousin, who lives at the bottom of the north side of the mountain Riding, and I went to look at the gap in the direction of the tenant we land. We found the raw piece of land, barely passed through her quarter-mile in the direction of the former crop, suggesting that a failure somewhere. But he was not there. When we returned to the truck, there was a land owner in a jeep, who wanted to know who it is walking in his field. We said that we were looking for failure. Hanicke Anthony said, "Yes-but you guys are not the best trackers, is not it?" Yes, we would not have them since passed on the right, past the field, which is less than a quarter mile behind him. We introduced ourselves, and Anthony sent us to the depression, becoming a tour guide for us.

On the outer edge of the field trees fell straight without tilting

The failure of the great, the edge clearly defined. Anthony estimated that in some places the opening of more than 15 meters in depth, it covers an area of 3 acres (which corresponds to the 2nd Canadian football fields, with no protection zones), and it looks bent down to the right. The trees around the field dropped straight down, not one of them fell. Anthony said the geologist will examine the failure and express assumption that explain it all. No matter what people think scientists view of fallen earth made me see all of our insignificance, and yet I felt a strong emotion at the sight of it all.

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Update: giant sinkhole in Manitoba

Giant sinkhole near the border of the National Park Riding Mountain

June 11. I saw this huge failure just at the outer boundary of the National Park Riding Mountain south of Dauphin — the information first-hand, received on Thursday night. Above my post about it. Today I have some new information about the well. Is 15 meters deep, but well becomes deeper! According to the first estimates of the now more than 30 meters deep. Here are pictures I made on Thursday — one a failure, the other — the ford of the river Vermillion, running next to a giant failure. For further information, stay with us.

Source: ReadReidRead

Translation of materials: Anna Krasnov


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