Cargo aircraft Antonov fell on the city in the Congo


PARIS, March 21. / ITAR-TASS /. Cargo aircraft "Antonov" suffered disaster today in the Republic of Congo. There are many casualties.

According to preliminary data, the plane was following a flight from Brazzaville. The accident happened when the plane came in to land over the city of Pointe-Noire — located in the south of its main economic center.

Apparently, the pilots tried to take the car falling from the city and make an emergency landing on the surface of the sea — but not yet. The plane crashed in the densely populated neighborhoods of the city.

In the area of the fall of helicopter visible large house demolition. Currently, local health services immediately transported the injured to hospitals.

This is the second major accident aircraft "Antonov" in the Republic of Congo. In 2009, a plane crashed, falling to the southern districts of the capital — Brazzaville.

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