Causes of peculiar formations

The "natural" reason, astronomers suspected, namely, that this (and many other similar) bridge caused by the tidal forces due to the mutual attraction of two galaxies do not stand the test. Calculations and computer modeling has shown that tidal bridge between galaxies can arise, firstly, only when galaxies are almost touching each other, and secondly, when the speed of one of them relative to the other does not exceed parabolic. Both of these conditions in this and most other similar cases observed not maintained.

The simulation showed that the jumpers arising from tidal effects look very different. In this case there are no direct long strings, and short, wide, curving ribbon and, besides, they are very short-lived (rapidly deformed and dispersed). Thus, the jumper is not caused by tidal forces. What's that? If you want to watch 1 online sports TV channel, then you can do it online

Trying to explain this phenomenon, the fact that the galaxies are not connected, but rather disconnected due to powerful explosive processes in the core of one of them ran into the same insurmountable difficulties.

In the picture of the RA at first glance it seems that we are seeing the same situation as described above, ie that the elliptical galaxy is connected to a very long thread-like barred spiral galaxy (bottom). But these objects were photographed using more powerful than the Palomar Sky Survey, Russian telescope with a 6-meter mirror. In this picture, first published A. Vorobyov, it turned out that bad solvable at the Palomar image spiral galaxy is actually a group of closely spaced spiral galaxies, and the neck is not from the nucleus of one of them (from where it is most "natural" has to go) and OF ONE OF ITS BRANCHES OF SPIRAL! No one even "sverhizvorotlivy" theorist today, even hypothetically, is unable to offer any even the slightest plausible "natural" cause of this amazing phenomenon.

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