Chicken drinker lives in China


Chicken drinker of Jiangsu Province. Photo from

17.02.11.Neobychnaya chicken from Jiangsu Province quenches barley vodka. In the drunken chicken, staggering, walking around the yard, and often can not even find a chicken coop.

According to the newspaper "Yangtze Vanbao" Baofen resident of the village by the name of Zhang bought the chicken in October last year. At first, she was kept locked in a chicken coop, and then began to produce chickens walking on the street.

Before Chinese New Year, Zhang husband bought in the market 10 liters of barley vodka which pour a pitcher and put in a room with others, prepared for the holiday food.

Once the chicken has come into this room and gathered some Christmas pampushek, and then deciding that it is water, food washed down with vodka. Since then, she has often stealthily come back and drink. When it detects a mistress, chicken, reeling in a hurry to hide. But as soon as the hostess goes, she again walks around jugs of vodka, occasionally sipping firewater.

Zhang said that on the sixth day of the New Year celebration chicken, probably drank too much, it was found asleep on the doorstep. The hostess took it and carried it into the chicken coop. Chicken slept like the dead sleep and did not even move.

The Epoch Times

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