Chief of General Staff reported on the state of public men of the armed forces

At the last meeting on Thursday, the Public Chamber made by the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov. In his own speech Gen. made a series of resounding statements. In particular, he expressed his worldview, according to which, in the case of previous trends in conservation of the armed forces and the lack of military reform, the Russian army would be deprived of all their own equipment and weapons viable in 5 years.

Makarov criticized certain standards of Russian military equipment and has led some silver-tongued data relating to its tactical and technical characteristics. The general, namely, comparing the Russian T-90 tank and an Israeli Merkava Mk4 on such an important figure as the range: T-90 has a 2.5 kilometers away, and his Israeli counterpart is able to kill a target at a distance of 6 km. Chief Staff directed attention to the well-known Russian multiple rocket launchers "Smerch", noting that it is also inferior in terms of their own to the same South American analogue NIMARS more than a factor of 2: 70 km against 150. Chief of Staff also expressed concern that the Russian satellite electro-optical reconnaissance rapidly break down, carrying its satellite service of any 3-5 years, while their counterparts zabugornye staying in orbit and more than 15 years.

Talking about the security of our country, General of the Army once again pointed out that as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union the possibility of local armed conflicts around the perimeter of the boundaries of the Russian Federation has repeatedly increased. Conflicts like the South Ossetian events in 2008, under certain circumstances, are fully capable to grow into a large-scale and even global war involving weapons of mass destruction. Reaffirming the need to merit a high level of cooperation within the CSTO and the possibility of the creation of the new military-political alliances in the areas of Eurasia, chief Russian General Staff stressed that "almost all the countries that were part of the Warsaw contract, have already become members of NATO. In the Alliance came in and some countries that were part of the Soviet Union, namely, the Baltic States. "

Speaking to members of the Public Chamber, Gen. Makarov made a number of optimistic statements. He expressed confidence that the acceptance into service ultramodern air defense systems S-500 is not far off. Makarov said almost followed: "For 2-years" Almaz-Antey "will build two more plants for the production of advanced air defense systems S-500. Specifically, this complex will form the basis of weapons of troops Aerospace Defense. " General of the Army promised that the production complex on the alert will allow anti-air shield to close the entire area of the country.

In his speech, Chief of the General Staff did not pass and the theme of the Air Force and the revival of airfields. "We plan to develop military airfields, and we believe it necessary to increment the pilots flying in half, bringing it closer to the very international standards", — said Makarov. Apart from this, Gen. promised to clean up all the airports in the country, even if they have only one item.

Without the attention of the Chief of Staff and the topic has not remained appeal. Makarov expressed his deep concern about the lack of recruits that are suitable to undergo military service for health reasons, and led joyless statistics according to which only 60% of recruits young people can be considered fit for military service in the armed forces.

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