Chief of Staff of the APU Vladimir Zaman told about plans to re-Armed Forces of Ukraine

Immediately meet the needs of the APU in full the government can not, because work in this direction is conducted in phases, said in an interview with the newspaper "Governmental Courier" Chief of Staff of the APU Colonel-General Vladimir Zaman.

According V.Zamana, "as in service with technology has not yet exhausted its own resources, a considerable part of it decided to upgrade, just like most of the weapons. Naturally, we do not forget about the purchase or manufacture of new types of advanced military hardware, but it is for the future, although not very distant. Especially since we already have the modern standards of reconnaissance, communication and control, such as electronic intelligence station "Mail", three-coordinate radar "Pelican" and their numbers will grow in the armed forces. Plans to reform envisions unified automated control system of the Armed Forces and the development of its component — the automatic air control and air defense "Oreanda — SS."

As noted by V.Zaman, "In today's situation, we have broken with the restoration of military equipment. On this day 35 refurbished aircraft that have already been put into operation. Before the year is scheduled to return serviceability another 60-70 units. aircraft. "

Along with the restoration of health of military hardware lasts work to upgrade weapons. According to V.Zaman, "This feature has been Mi-24, Su-25, MiG-29 and other aircraft. The same can be said about the means of defense: this year complete renovation 4 S-300 and 1st air defense system "Buk-1", in the future, this work continue. The actual repair "boom" lasts Navy — for the moment at the docks are 16 ships at once that from the first day of the next year will start to do their tasks as intended. "

B.Zaman stressed that "the reconstruction of serviceability and technology last in the Army. In addition, next year we purchase and put on the armament 10 new MBT "Hold."

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