Chiefs of Staff of the CSTO discussed at a meeting in Moscow forthcoming exercises

In Moscow, a meeting of chiefs of staff states — participants of the contract on collective security. Open a discussion of the principal directions of the military component CSTO and ways of improving the structure of the system of collective security.

Made in 1992, the contract of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), the western part of the professionals said the likeness of NATO in the post-noticing that both alliances even identical arms of the compass. A headquarters CSTO located where it was going to military control of — the Warsaw contract: near the center of Moscow, in Russian style low building, surrounded by green park.

There and profits higher military from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. Instead of 2-hours meeting dragged on for four. Journalists are not allowed into the room, guessing — not with Uzbekistan it is connected? In June, Republic announced the suspension of membership CSTO. But a formal decision on the part of the not yet, because the Uzbek flag as before hanging on her website, though the courtroom was not brought.

Later, Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Nikolai Makarov told reporters on the day or the agenda of the meeting: "We spotted a wide range of issues related to the partial implementation and structural changes of the military organization CSTO. Discussed the teachings that will be held in Kazakhstan in October — "Indestructible Brotherhood 2012."

These exercises are held for the first time. The teachings are very important, and we want to be on them all. Viewed a set of issues related to the strengthening of our collective strength — both combat and peacekeeping. According to the current situation in the world, it is very difficult and tense, they require significant growth in purely military component. "

Chief of the Joint Staff CSTO 1st Deputy Defense Minister of Kazakhstan Saken Zhasuzakov too was short: "open a discussion on the issues of the military component CSTO — how to develop it further, what it should be, how to manage. I think we have gained understanding in these matters. "

Now, according to Zhasuzakova Sacken, on the order of certain actions on the part of managers of the CSTO. He also assured that Kazakhstan is ready for the exercises, which will be held at three sites.

The Secretary General of the Organization Nikolai Bordyuzha summarized the result: "The meeting has given a very huge meal in-1's, to think, and most importantly, came out of many solutions that will be presented to the president. If they are confirmed, the Organization will make a very big step forward from the standpoint of strengthening the power component of the entire international structure. "

The collective strength of the need to comply with international standards, we are convinced the participants of the meeting. Because military issues will be the main agenda of another meeting of the Collective Security Council, scheduled for December.

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