Chilean volcano ash covered the southern polusharie.Avstraliya again cancels flights due to volcanic ash

Several NASA satellites monitor the journey ash plume of Chilean volcano Puyeue around the world. Space agency made public a collection of images showing how the ash is moving from the Southern Hemisphere.

Volcano Puyeue
— The most hectic party volcanic complex Puyeue Cordón Kaulle (Puyehue-Cordon Caulle), in which in addition it includes a volcanic fissure Cordon Kaulle, the caldera (large round depression on the site of the crater) Cordillera Nevada volcano Menchesa. Notable eruptions are connected with Puyeue including large eruption 1921-22 and 1960.

Volcanic plume moves through Argentina in Antlantichesky ocean

Everyday shooting volcanic plume provides first scanning spectroradiometer medium resolution MODIS — Keyword Research Tool satellites Aqua and Terra, flying at an altitude of 705 km above the Earth. Photos and dynamic images and give other satellites, such as GOES-11, owned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

At the moment gallery contains images taken from the day of the eruption of the volcano, from 4 to 15 June. The first day on the MODIS Aqua satellite recorded a column of smoke and ash 14 kilometers high. Plume stretched south-east towards Argentina. At this time in the bottom of the territory falls heaviest particles of ash that covered it, in particular, the Argentine city of Bariloche, a layer 30 cm

Volcanic ash Puyeue not only covers the city, agricultural land and forests. Dangerous it is and what can cause mudslides and landslides. Chilean authorities have confirmed that the valleys in the Andes mountain rivers clogged with ash. According to Agence France-Presse, the volcano has had a negative impact on air travel between South America and Australia.

NASA reports that the giant ash plume reaching the 8-km altitude stretches across the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. It was discovered over New Zealand, Tasmania and even over South Africa.

Australia again cancels flights due to volcanic ash

A huge cloud of volcanic ash, formed after the eruption of the Chilean volcano Puyeue, circled the globe and again coming to Australia. It is therefore expected that on Tuesday the country will be a large number of canceled flights.

Commenting on the situation, the representative of Australia Met Office Andrew Tupper said the large cloud of volcanic ash circled the globe from the Southern Hemisphere and is now coming back to the air space Green continent. At the moment it is in the two thousand kilometers to the south of the coast of Western Australia, but it moves quickly. "We see this cloud is very clearly in images from satellites", — said the weatherman, adding that the impact of the cloud will be felt on Tuesday at the airport in Adelaide, Melbourne, and possibly several others. As to whether the work is affected by the major air gateway of Australia — Sydney Airport, Tupper difficult to say exactly, warning that the ash will be "dangerously close in terms of flight distance" from the airport — about a hundred miles away.

It was also reported that the ash cloud during his trip around the world has lost a lot of weight, but still quite significant. The problem lies in the fact that the ash moves at heights of 8 to 13 kilometers, which is just used to fly airplanes.

A number of airlines have already declared Australia to cancel their flights, which, according to the schedule planned for Tuesday from Adelaide airport and Mildura. However, meteorologists are encouraging, that the cloud is moving very quickly, and because each individual airport will suffer a disadvantage not more than a day.

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