Chilean volcano awakens after 20 years of silence

The National Service of Geology and Mining (SERNAGEOMIN) — Southern Andean Volcano Observatory (OVDAS), announced last night that increased seismic activity is related to the activities vulkanoa Hudson. At 19:08 local time, an earthquake of magnitude 4.6 near the volcano, followed by the appearance of a large number of aftershocks from 21:49 Seismic tremors are continuing at the moment with a little less intensity. This activity shows that the volcanic system has experienced changes in its dynamics may be due to magmatic activity at depth, which in the future could lead to imbalance. Chilean authorities decided to raise the alert level to red and conduct preventive evacuation area of 40 kilometers around the mountain Hudson. Column of ash during the eruption reached a height of 1 km. Source: Sernageomin

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