China has evacuated more than half a million people

To eliminate the effects of severe flooding in China involving the military. Of the seven provinces evacuated more than half a million people.

The level of risk from heavy rains and floods in China raised to the maximum.

According to official figures, more than 105 people were killed, dozens reported missing.

Heavy rains after a prolonged drought caused floods and landslides in the region of the Yangtze River, where two dams were destroyed, two cities and 12 villages were flooded. According to weather forecasts, rainfall in the coming days will not end.

Heavy rains preceded by the worst drought in decades, has caused a severe blow to agriculture in China.

Authorities called the worst flooding since 1955.

Flood victims provided with warm clothes, food and bottles of drinking water, according to local media. However, until some villagers help not reached. "The lifeboats do not fit into the narrow streets of the village" — quoted by the Reuters news agency the 25-year show Pengfei, one of the residents of the affected villages moshav, located near the city of Zhuji in Zhejiang province.

"For those who are stuck in their homes, have to rely on support from relatives, who make their way to their small wooden boats," — says Shaw Pengfei.
The vast territory in central and northern China have not seen rain since last October, due to the deaths of millions of hectares of crops, and people faced shortages of drinking water.

Even in the last days there were rains, authorities warn that the severe shortage caused by crop damage is unavoidable.

This is sure to affect food prices around the world, analysts predict.

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