China: Large landslide in the province Tsengong

June 29 in the province Tsengong (Cengong), Tsyandunnan-Miao-Dunsky Autonomous Region, Guizhou, there were powerful landslide of more than 12 millon cubic meters of earth and rock. As a result, affected 28,114 people, was damaged a number of wooden houses of local residents.

Economic loss of 90 million yuan, fortunately, there were no casualties. Currently still parses the rubble.

Exact same in a landslide had blocked the channel of several rivers rocks and trees collapsed, it led to the flooding of the surrounding area. Analysis of jams on the rivers is a priority to address the consequences of landslides.

Now experts dig for artificial river channel to bypass blockages to avoid flooding of farmland.

Translation: Vace


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