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16.08.11.Chto something strange going on in recent years in China, where in major cities in June did not stop the massive riots.

And the fierce power of China is no longer trying to play a new Tiananmen Square — sometimes they even go to the previously unthinkable concessions troublemakers.

For example, it is impossible for the old days there was a story in the Sunday-Monday in Dalian (formerly the Russian Far) — in the largest industrial center in the Chinese northeast.
Another 8 August at the area hit one of the most powerful typhoons in recent years, who had previously done troubles in Japan. He destroyed the protective dam located in front of a chemical plant, one of the largest in China. Threatened discharge into the sea of a large array of toxic substances, and the population of the danger zone partially evacuated.

And so it began!
Through a system of mini-blogs on the Internet has been organized by the unprecedented number of demonstration outside the campus, which houses the city government. 12 to 15 thousand people, mostly students, on Sunday morning blocked the area where armed police quickly pulled.

The request was one — immediately remove chemical plant of the city.
And there was unprecedented. Six hours later, authorities announced opposition to surrender. Consent to immediately stop all work at the plant and remove it as soon as the demonstrators personally announced the first secretary of the city committee of the party. But he did not believe, and the demonstrators were in their positions until the evening. They decided not to disperse.

Japanese journalists, however, have reported encounters with the police and even the wounded.
However, it seems that convened over the Internet demonstrations were still very organized and efficient.

On the same day in the city of Chengdu, in the central province of Sichuan, as reported by one of Hong Kong newspapers on the streets in the evening left at least five thousand people.
They demanded to stop the constant power cuts, which come from the power savings. As a result, people in the summer heat can not even turn on the fan at night. In protest, people blocked a major local roads. Again, the authorities did not dare to tough action.

For more severe scenarios, though, things were in other places — in June, more than a thousand migrant workers in a major city of Guangzhou to protest the police beating a pregnant street traders made a real riot, burning police cars.

July 26 and August 11 violent clashes with the police swept the city, Guizhou Province.
The reason is the same — the authorities.

An important feature — the Chinese riot participants while not pushing political demands.
As in the Arab countries do not have a clear organization and leaders who can be quickly neutralized. The main means of organization — the anonymous Internet. The authorities are trying to tighten control over, blocked, for example, is a search engine for the keyword "Dalian". However, to completely disable the social networks they are not solved.

Chinese authorities have obviously do not know what to do with performances in major cities.
Clashes of this kind were in the past — but mainly in remote rural areas where farmers, for example, engage in battle with the police because of the confiscation of land. However, thousands of protesters in the huge cities of over one million and even with educated people who use the Internet — it is new and extremely dangerous for Beijing.

Of course, the Chinese riots have nothing to do, for example, with silly riots in London, at the opposite end of Eurasia.
But it seems that in the coming century, massive street fights are not bypassed not only liberal Europe, and China, with its seemingly very effective and rigid communist managers.

Vasily Golovnin

Source: Echo of Moscow

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