China was the most powerful degree: what are the consequences?

Nature in April raged in earnest, showing himself a heat wave somewhere, sometime terrifying tornadoes, earthquakes somewhere … not easy in this regard and in China: Information Portal "League News" reports about what happened in the southwest region country hail, causing considerable damage to farmers, as well as leaving the roofs of many houses with very significant holes.

Within a few hours of hail falling from the sky, in the region, China was destroyed over 6,000 homes. And that's just in one city Anshun (Guizhou Province). According to Xinhua News Agency, the hail affected 158,000 people.

As a result, the elements had been destroyed 8270 hectares of agricultural land.
At present, according to preliminary data, the economic losses from the heavenly country "rock fall" made $ 12.5 million.

Source: Market Leader

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